Date: 10/19/2009

Medical Food Coverage


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10:14 AM -- Medical Food Coverage

Harvey Karchmer, Pamlab LLC, introduced himself and provided a handout to the committee (Attachment D). He described medical foods which are foods formulated to be consumed or administered under the supervision of a physician and intended for the specific dietary management of a disease or condition. He stated that individuals who use medical foods do so because it helps meet nutritional requirements of which cannot be met by diet alone. He stated that recent evidenced supports the use of a prescription medical food containing a combination of L-methylfolate, the active form of folate, along with the active forms of Vitamin B12 and B6 in certain patients. Mr. Karchmer spoke to the medical foods covered under Medicaid in other states.


10:25 AM

Mr. Karchmer asked the committee to reinstate Medicaid coverage of L-methylfolate containing prescription medical food without prior authorization so long as product is used in a therapeutic regimen to manage serious illness. He stated that the products are rebateable under Medicaid. Committee members asked several questions. Senator Foster volunteered to speak with the department regarding reinstating the coverage of medical foods under Medicaid.