Date: 07/21/2009

Colorado River Curtailment Study


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10:08 AM -- Colorado River Curtailment Study

Randy Seaholm, Interstate Compacts Section Chief of the CWCB, described the process of the Compact Compliance study. The study is funded by Section 10 of the 2008 CWCB Projects Bill (House Bill 08-1346) which authorized the expenditure of $500,000 from the Colorado Water Conservation Board Construction Fund. The study will identify issues associated with the administration of state water rights in the Colorado River Basin under the terms of the Colorado River and Upper Colorado River Compacts, to evaluate options to avoid the curtailment of uses, and to evaluate options for curtailing use in Colorado in an equitable manner if the terms of the Colorado River Compact fail to be met. He explained that the first step in the study will be to identify where pre-1922 rights are and were water rights exist that cannot be interrupted. Mr. Seaholm also indicated that they are looking at the concept of a water bank to avoid curtailment and have discussed reserving water in Blue Mesa Reservoir. He mentioned that his office is additionally working on smaller projects surrounding weather modification and vegetative management with respect to tamarisk.