Date: 12/16/2008

Discussion of House Bill 08-1155 Sunset


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10:22 AM -- Discussion of House Bill 08-1155 Sunset

Chairman Gordon addressed the issues surrounding the sunset of the provisions of House Bill 08-1155, as provided in current law. Chairman Gordon solicited ideas from the commission regarding addressing the issues raised by the sunset. Discussion ensued regarding issues surrounding the current process of certifying voting systems in Colorado, the impact of the bill on system vendors, and the proper role of the state and federal governments in establishing voting system certification requirements. Discussion followed regarding the types of voting systems that were decertified in December 2007, and the impact on the counties of recertifying voting systems. Discussion turned to the impact of future voting system certification standards on the ability to use equipment currently owned by Colorado's counties, and the need for uniform system certification standards at the federal level.

10:34 AM

Discussion continued regarding the merits of certifying voting systems at the state level versus the federal level, the impact of state voting system standards on the ability of the state to attract vendors, and voter opinion of the various types of voting systems. Discussion ensued regarding the potential for adopting voting systems certification standards in place in other states, and the proper state department for taking on the responsibility of voting system certification. Discussion followed regarding the time frame involved in certifying voting systems for the 2008 elections, and problems encountered in certifying the systems in a timely manner.

10:46 AM

Discussion ensued regarding the involvement of the National Association of Secretaries of State and other national bodies in advocating for uniform voting systems certification. Discussion followed regarding the federal government's involvement in electronic voting system certification.