Date: 08/26/2009

Presentation on Waste Tire Grants


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11:49 AM

The committee recessed.

11:51 AM -- Presentation on Waste Tire Fee Grants

The committee returned to order.

11:51 AM

Mr. Tony Hernandez, Director of the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) Division of Local Government, discussed clean up of illegally dumped tires. Mr. Hernandez discussed DOLA grant programs, eligible recipients, and eligible activities.

11:59 AM

Mr. Hernandez discussed the $1.50 tire fee that supports the waste tire grant programs. Representative Looper asked Mr. Hernandez to comment on potential budget cuts and related impacts upon the DOLA waste tire grants. Handouts were provided to the committee (Attachments D, E, and F).

09TLRC0826AttachD.pdf 09TLRC0826AttachE.pdf 09TLRC0826AttachF.pdf

12:10 PM

The committee recessed.