Date: 04/28/2009



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12:24 PM -- Senate Bill 09-255

Representative A. Kerr, prime sponsor, presented Senate Bill 09-255 concerning the Colorado Shared Services Authority. This bill creates the Colorado Shared Services Authority to provide services to eligible public sector entities, including state agencies, on a fee-for-service basis. Among other things, the authority is charged with developing a shared services delivery model and Colorado economic development initiative. Shared services could include payroll, human resources, financial reporting, law enforcement (such as 911), utility billing, data center hosting, and electronic mail.

The Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT) is required to enter into contracts with the authority to implement shared services for state agencies. Local governments, including counties, municipalities, school districts, and special districts may contract with the authority.

The authority is established as a political subdivision of the state, but is not an agency of state government or subject to direction by any state agency. It can contract with any public or private parties and may take advantage of any existing governmental price agreements. It may also issue bonds payable from revenue generated by fees charged for services. Such bonds would be a debt of the authority, but not of the state or any local government.

12:29 PM

Representative A. Kerr explained to the committee that he feels the legislation is not ready and asked the committee to lay the bill over until after sine die. Representative Rice proceeded to witness testimony.

12:33 PM -- Cheri Urda, representing herself, testified against the bill.

12:34 PM -- Casey Atchison, representing himself, testified against the bill.

12:36 PM --
John Conley, representing the Office of Information Technology, testified in support of the bill with amendments. He responded to questions from the committee.

12:45 PM --
Molly Rauzi, representing the City and County of Denver, testified in support of the bill and stated that the bill will create more efficiency. She responded to questions from the committee.

12:51 PM --
Ron May, representing himself, testified on the bill. He talked about the State Information Management Commission that was formed over 10 years ago and various IT projects.

01:03 PM

Representative A. Kerr stated that he has talked with the Senate sponsor, who has asked that the bill to be laid over until tomorrow. The chair laid the bill over until tomorrow upon adjournment.

01:05 PM

The committee adjourned.