Date: 07/29/2009

Denver Regional Council of Governments


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11:54 AM -- Presentation by Representatives from the Denver Regional Council of Governments

Ed Peterson, Lakewood City Councilman and Board Chairman for the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), described the transportation funding problems facing the state and metro areas. He discussed transportation congestion, projected trends in congestion, and its impact on air quality.

Jennifer Schaufele, Executive Director, DRCOG, described the services offered by DRCOG, including senior, mental health, and transportation services. She detailed some of the unmet needs of the public and how the economic downturn and aging baby-boom population have increased the need for services provided.

12:07 PM

Ms. Schaufele asked that the commission look at ways to ensure more stable revenue sources for the services provided by the state and DRCOG. She provided details on how DRCOG is working with community partners to improve the quality of life for seniors, and maintain their self-sufficiency, and as a result reduce the government spending on facilities for seniors. She responded to Mr. Coors question regarding qualifications for seniors in certain programs, the allocation of resources for programs, and DRCOG funding sources. She also indicated that near-term small investments have long-term impacts for the elderly of the future.

12:18 PM

Senator Morse provided background information on the senior populations, the use of means testing to determine eligibility for programs, and distribution of state funds to the elderly populations. In response to Mr. Knox's question regarding coordination of services between agencies and non-profits, Ms. Schaufele cited examples of who coordinates these services and indicated that transportation coordination is an area that could be improved. Responding to commission member Marty Neilson's question regarding eligibility for certain programs and means testing, she indicated that such changes would require action by Congress and/or the state legislature.