Date: 01/29/2009

BILL SUMMARY for HB09-1165


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10:39 AM -- House Bill 09-1165

Representative Lambert, prime sponsor, presented House Bill 09-1165, concerning the creation of a state database containing information about sole-source contracts to which governmental entities are a party for the purpose of implementing changes to article XXVIII of the State Constitution approved by the voters in the 2008 general election. Representative Lambert provided background on his reasons for sponsoring the bill, and explained the bill's effect. Representative Lambert also explained requirements for creating a government contract database already in place, and the bill's fiscal impact. Discussion ensued regarding requiring the State Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) to manage the database created under the bill, and the process involved in identifying government contractors through the database created under the bill.

10:49 AM

Representative Lambert continued to explain the process involved in establishing and operating the database. Representative Lambert responded to questions regarding methods by which payments may be collected by the state through SIPA.

10:51 AM

The following persons testified regarding House Bill 09-1165:

10:52 AM --
Mr. Richard Gonzales, executive director of the Department of Personnel and Administration, and Ms. Jennifer Okes, also representing the department, testified regarding the bill. Committee members received written copies of Mr. Gonzales' testimony (Attachment B). Mr. Gonzales discussed the database infrastructure already in place to track government contracts, including sole-source contracts as required by Article XXVIII of the State Constitution, and the functions contained in the database. Mr. Gonzales then discussed the fiscal impact of the bill, and the potential for using SIPA to operate the database. Ms. Okes provided further input on the bill's fiscal impact. Discussion ensued regarding the specific costs associated with the database created under the bill.


11:03 AM

Mr. Gonzales provided further clarification regarding the fiscal impact of House Bill 09-1165, the work involved in creating the database, and certain departmental rules that will be required to establish the database. Discussion ensued regarding fees imposed on contractors by the bill to fund the database. Discussion followed regarding the fee structure that may be assessed on contractors to fund the database.

11:14 AM

Discussion ensued regarding the specific types of technology under consideration for the database required by the bill, including search technologies, and the information that will be publicized on the database. Discussion followed regarding the relationship between initiated Amendment 54, passed by the electorate during the 2008 election, and the establishment of the database. Discussion returned to the contract information that will be available for viewing on the database.

11:20 AM --
Mr. Richard Coolidge, representing the Secretary of State, made himself available to answer questions from the committee. Mr. Coolidge provided information on the Department of State's role in integrating the database proposed by House Bill 09-1165 with campaign finance reporting mechanisms already in place.

11:22 AM --
Mr. Chris Ward, Legislative Council Staff, made himself available to answer questions from the committee.

11:22 AM

Representative Lambert discussed the effect of prepared amendment L.001 (Attachment C), and the source of funding for implementing the database created by the bill. Discussion ensued regarding possible courses of action on the bill, since a fiscal note had not been finalized.


11:25 AM

House Bill 09-1165 was laid over until Tuesday, February 3rd. The committee adjourned.