Date: 12/02/2009

Fort Lewis College


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08:47 AM -- Fort Lewis College

Mr. Steve Schwartz, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Fort Lewis College, presented two FY 2010-11 requests and the college's five-year projection of need. Committee members received a summary of Mr. Schwartz's presentation (Attachment A). Mr. Schwartz told the committee that the Berndt Hall Reconstruction -- Biology/Agriculture project is nearing completion and the building will open in six weeks. Mr. Schwartz presented the FY 2010-11 request for the Berndt Hall Reconstruction -- Geosciences, Physics, and Engineering project and explained that the project is currently under design. Mr. Schwartz next presented the FY 2010-11 request for the Whalen Gymnasium -- Exercise Science/Adventure Education Expansion, South and East project. Mr. Schwartz told the committee that controlled maintenance is a growing concern for Fort Lewis College, and that without funding many of its assets will continue to deteriorate. Discussion ensued about controlled maintenance at Fort Lewis College and the possible use of student fees to address controlled maintenance needs.


08:58 AM

Mr. Schwartz addressed questions about student enrollment and told the committee that the college's current enrollment is 3,715 and that the majority of its student population is from the Denver metro area.