Date: 09/22/2009

Presentation by the Department of Revenue


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11:09 AM -- Presentation by the Department of Revenue

Mr. Mark Couch, Legislative Liaison for the Department of Revenue, introduced himself and provided an overview of the department and its duties. He discussed the department's role in processing tax refunds. He addressed the department's concerns about the effects of budget cuts. Mr. Couch cited previous Legislative Council Staff studies related to the state tax burden and its relation to economic development. He discussed the Colorado Property Tax/Rent/Heat Rebate (PTC) program and summarized its eligibility requirements and participation statistics.

11:15 AM

Representative Gagliardi asked Mr. Couch to provide further detail on the eligibility guidelines for the PTC rebate program. Discussion continued concerning the unavailability of county-by-county data and the department's outdated computer system. He indicated that the department's new computer system, called Colorado Integrated Tax Architecture, will be able to generate better information. Mr. Couch responded to additional questions from Representative Gagliardi.

11:20 AM

Representative Kefalas asked Mr. Couch to discuss the Earned Income Tax Credit and its relation to Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) revenue surpluses and the state income tax rate. Mr. Couch indicated that he would forward information to the committee. The committee recessed briefly.