Date: 10/20/2009

Closing Remarks


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12:17 PM -- Closing Remarks

Representative Kefalas made closing remarks. He thanked Senator Sandoval for her service as vice-chair and expressed his appreciation for the work of the other members of the task force. He described the task force's progress towards re-framing the poverty reduction discussion as a question of job creation and a skilled work force, access to training, and other focus points. He specifically noted his appreciation for the different perspectives of the Republican members of the task force. Representative Kefalas thanked Legislative Council Staff, the community, and the departments. He discussed the first year report, which is due in January 2010. He stated that drafts would be made available to the members of the committee for feedback. He concluded that the committee had been successful in finding common ground and focusing on conclusions.

12:21 PM

Senator Boyd expressed her appreciation for Representative Kefalas' work as chair. Representative Gagliardi relayed comments from a constituent concerning the lack of representation of certain populations on the subcommittees, and noted that more individuals should be brought in. Representative Kefalas shared additional comments.

12:23 PM

The committee adjourned.