Date: 11/12/2008

Setting of Committee Schedule


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10:50 AM -- Setting of Committee Schedule

Senator Gordon led a discussion regarding the commission's schedule. Senator Gordon proposed having another meeting of the commission, giving subcommittees a time period to concentrate on its duties, and regathering the full commission to vote on proposals made by the subcommittees in anticipation of creating the report. Discussion ensued regarding the conduct and recording of subcommittee meetings. Discussion returned to the commission's schedule, specific dates for meeting, and the potential for subcommittees to meet before the next general meeting. The commission determined December 2nd as the next meeting date for the full commission. Commissioner Hobbs discussed a series of meetings that the Secretary of State will be holding in December regarding the recent election, and the potential for presenting a report to the full commission. A second full commission meeting was set for Tuesday, December 16th.

11:00 AM

Discussion continued regarding the commission's meeting schedule.

11:07 AM

The commission recessed for lunch.