Date: 12/02/2009

Auraria Higher Education Center


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02:56 PM -- Auraria Higher Education Center

The committee returned from recess. Ms. Barbara Weiske, Interim Executive Vice President for Administration, Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC), Dr. Karen Bleeker, President, Community College of Denver (CCD), and Ms. Jill Jennings Golich, Campus Planner, AHEC, presented a five-year projection of need for the AHEC campus. Committee members received information about the Auraria Campus Neighborhood Concept (Attachment X). Ms. Weiske spoke about AHEC's capital needs and explained the neighborhood concept. Dr. Bleeker summarized the mission of CCD and discussed the college's dramatically increasing enrollment. She explained that there is insufficient classroom and office space for students and faculty, and said that CCD's main classroom building, the South Classroom Building, is in need of major renovations.


03:05 PM

Dr. Bleeker continued her presentation and told the committee that at the beginning of the fall 2009 semester there were 70 un-roomed classes. She then revisited the increase in student enrollment in recent years. Dr. Bleeker addressed questions about the South Classroom Building and existing student fees. She told the committee that the South Classroom Building is the oldest building on the AHEC campus. Ms. Jennings Golich presented a five-year projection of need for the campus and summarized six projects that will be requested in future years. She described AHEC's changing needs as triggered by enrollment growth at all three institutions housed on the AHEC campus.