Date: 07/17/2009

Building Projects Update


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09:41 AM -- Building Projects Update

Mr. Frank Lombardi reported that the Life Safety Project is complete and the Governor issued a proclamation celebrating the project's successful completion.

Mr. Lombardi also reported that the solar panel display for Mr. Brown's Attic will installed in the near future.

Ms. Marilyn Eddins reported that Condit is working on the voting desk and the questions that will comprise the display as well. Ms. Jennifer Thomsen, Legislative Council Staff, provided further information about the desk, noting that approval of the questions would be an item on the August agenda.

Representative Weissmann provided an update on dome renovation project. Ms. Contiguglia responded to a question from Ms. Nunnally related to whether the funding mechanism for the Justice Center could be used for the dome project, explaining that it could not. The committee discussed this issue at some length, talking about the possibilities for dome renovation funding. Ms. Contiguglia invited Ms. Sharon Nunnally to join her in speaking to the Capital Development Committee (CDC) at its September meeting.

09:49 AM

Mr. James Hare, Executive Director of Colorado Preservation, Inc., came to the table to speak to the committee about conversations around funding for the dome renovation project. He said his organization's membership would be interested in raising funds for the project. He explained that he met with Representative Riesberg, chair of the CDC, to discuss the issue, and said his organization could be a repository for funds for the project. Mr. Hare suggested that the committee nominate the dome for the organization's "Colorado's Most Endangered Places" designation. He talked about the possibility of raising corporate funds for the dome.

Mr. Hare responded to committee questions, including an inquiry from Ms. Contiguglia about the amount of money that would need to be raised for the renovation of the dome. Mr. Hare stated that at least $11 million will need to be raised. Ms. Contiguglia suggested that Mr. Hare review a study done in Virginia regarding fundraising for Capitol repairs. Committee discussion on the possibility of Mr. Hare's organization soliciting funds for dome repairs ensued. The committee agreed that the Capitol should be nominated for the "Colorado's Most Endangered Places" designation if the CDC approves.
BILL:Building Projects Update
TIME: 10:00:03 AM
MOTION:Moved to take to the Capital Development Committee (CDC) an application for "Colorado's Most Endangered Places" designation prior to the August 1, 2009, deadline for such application, and further moved to recommend to the CDC that Colorado Preservation, Inc., be allowed to start fundraising for dome renovation. The motion passed without objection.
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10:01 AM

Mr. Lombardi reported on the application for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding for ground source heating and cooling for the building.

Mr. Lombardi reported that the elevator project will extend into the legislative session. He said equipment for the project has been ordered.

Mr. Lombardi reported that he is scheduled to meet with the representatives of the Armenian community who have been working with Capitol Complex on the Armenian Garden. He explained that there would be digging on the Capitol grounds related to the ground source heating and cooling project, and Capitol Complex wants to ensure that work would not be done on the Armenian Gardens that would be impacted by that digging. Mr. Lombardi said they would move forward with a plan and design, and that the completion of the work may be part of a larger project.