Date: 09/15/2009



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12:18 PM -- School District Broadband Issues

The panelists, Denise Atkinson-Shorey, Chief Information Officer, EagleNet, Jack McCabe, Executive Director, Centennial BOCES, and John Dudley, Centennial BOCES Board President, introduced themselves to the committee. Mr. McCabe began the presentation by discussing the lack of adequate broadband in Colorado, and the issue it presents for providing educational services to children. He explained that Centennial BOCES and other agencies have been in pursuit of educational equity through improved broadband access. He noted that the efficiency is found through collaboration with other agencies because building the capacity benefits everyone. Mr. McCabe asked Ms. Atkinson-Shorey to provide the current broadband status in Colorado, benchmarks, and the grant application.

12:25 PM

Ms. Atkinson-Shorey directed members to information in the packet she provided (Attachment C). She noted that Colorado's state average is below the national average, and that the estimated annual cost of ISP service at 40 kilobits per student will be $80 million. She explained that Colorado is the 39th state to offer Internet2 access to high schools.


12:38 PM

Ms. Atkinson-Shorey continued her presentation on the grant application, explaining that the opportunity to participate in the grant has been extended to community colleges and other community entities such as libraries. She explained that their telecommunication private partners have vetted the application. She compared what Utah is able to purchase compared to what Colorado is able to purchase with the same money.

12:44 PM

Ms. Atkinson-Shorey noted that there have been 2,200 grant applications submitted for the $28 billion grant pool, and that at least one grant will be awarded per state. Forty-seven applications have been submitted from Colorado. She further noted that the next and final application window will be next spring. Ms. Atkinson-Shorey noted that, according to the data on, the EagleNet application is the only application for middle-mile statewide application for community anchoring institutions in Colorado. She explained that the goal of EagleNet is to provide an equalized cost across the state. Representative Middleton asked if the grant addresses school access only. Ms. Atkinson-Shorey explained that the application includes residential and business expansion. Senator Johnston asked what the relationship looks like between EagleNet and the private providers. Committee discussion ensued on the interaction of EagleNet, school districts, and internet providers.

12:51 PM

Ms. Atkinson-Shorey explained that EagleNet is an e-rate internet provider currently, and will continue to work with existing vendors and providers within their areas. Representative Massey explained that he would like to carry a resolution supporting the grant application. Ms. Atkinson-Shorey explained that the next step of the grant application is for the Governor's office to provide the federal government with a prioritized list of the grant applications, and said she appreciated any support the committee could provide. With that, the presentation concluded.