Date: 10/01/2009

Report on Alamosa Listening Session


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09:10 AM -- Report on Alamosa Listening Session

Representative Massey provided a report on the listening session held in Alamosa on September 18. He said attendance at the meeting was good, with representation from several school districts and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). Representative Massey said they discussed the work of the committee and had a productive discussion. Representative Massey responded to a question from Representative Merrifield about conversations around fully funding the School Finance Act.

Representative Middleton explained that they also discussed rural broadband issues and accounting for the cost of technology. She said they also discussed funding supplemental on-line programs, noting that there are two proposals related to that issue. She said there was also discussion around funding of BOCES and clarification of some misunderstandings about the committee's discussion of this at the September 15 meeting. Representative Massey provided further information, talking about how regional service areas (RSAs) and BOCES should work collaboratively and noting that funding should continue to flow to the BOCES. He responded to comments from Senator Romer about this issue.

09:17 AM

Representative Middleton described the conversation around funding for small districts, saying that a pilot was suggested. Senator Romer commented on the state's National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) grant application, and how that money might be used. Representative Middleton asked Stephen Bohrer, Executive Director of the San Luis Valley BOCES, to come to the table to add to the discussion about the meeting. Dr. Bohrer commented that the meeting attendees were pleased that their voices were heard. He described a rural utility services (RUS) grant that it is hoped will be used to address rural broadband issues. Dr. Bohrer spoke to the small district funding bill proposal and expressed concerns about the proposal.

09:25 AM

Representative Middleton responded to Dr. Bohrer's comments about small district funding.