Date: 02/24/2009

Discussion of Potential Committee Legislation


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08:38 AM -- Discussion of Potential Committee Legislation

Committee members received a draft bill regarding changes to the review process for cash-funded capital construction projects (Attachment H). Representative Riesberg described similar efforts by other members of the legislature and other institutions to address the same, and explained that Attachment H was prepared for the CDC following a previous discussion on the topic of capital construction cash-funded projects and was not intended to compete with other proposals. Mr. Jeremiah Barry, Office of Legislative Legal Services (OLLS), came to the table to give an overview of the draft legislation, and walked the committee through the main provisions in Attachment H. In response to questions from the committee, Mr. Barry explained that the definition of "student tuition moneys" in the bill does not include student fees. Discussion turned to eligibility for controlled maintenance by state-owned buildings.


08:50 AM

The committee adjourned.