Date: 09/16/2009

House Bill 09-1230 Discussion


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11:10 AM -- House Bill 09-1230 Discussion

Representative McFadyen provided background on House Bill 09-1230. The committee is charged to consult with the bill's stakeholders regarding motor vehicle sales tax collections. Ms. Sara Rosene, Clerk and Recorder, Grand County, recommended that the committee resolve the returned motor vehicle sales tax collections by administrative regulation and not by legislation. Ms. Melissa Kuipers, representing the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, discussed the purpose of the bill. Ms. Kuipers recommend that a threshold level be considered by the committee. Ms. Kuipers and Ms. Rosene responded to questions from the committee members. Ms. Kuipers stated that if the committee is inclined to provide a proposed solution through legislation, CADA would be supportive.

11: 20 PM

The committee adjourned.