Date: 04/30/2009

Discussion on Interim Schedule


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07:50 AM -- Discussion of Interim Schedule

Senator Sandoval discussed different state facilities that could be beneficial for the committee to visit, including the Multi-Agency Coordination Center, under the Division of Emergency Management, Department of Local Affairs, and the Operations Center under the Department of Public Health and Environment. Committee members discussed potential topics and presenters for the committee's 2009 interim schedule. Representative Lambert discussed the need to have a contact with the Governor's office to respond to an emergency epidemic that the Governor declares to be a disaster emergency. Senator Sandoval discussed the committee's role in recommending legislation on various topics related to the General Assembly and emergency epidemic declarations.

07:58 AM

Representative J. Kerr addressed the committee to discuss methods, such as school closures, that are being implemented in border states to prevent the spread of swine flu.

08:00 AM

Committee discussion ensued concerning the charge of the committee and the need to meet in the interim.

08:02 AM

The committee adjourned.