Date: 07/27/2009



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04:21 PM -- Clarification regarding the CPR form

Jennifer Ballentine, Advanced Directive Care Consortium, clarified information that was provided by Mr. Kukyendall earlier in the day. Ms. Ballentine explained the reasoning behind why the CPR directive needed to be the original with the original signature of both the patient and physician. She described the historical context in which the form was developed and stated that the original intent of the form was to be controlled by a physician. She explained that process of using advanced directives has progressed and that some of the features of the form are now a barrier. In working with Advanced Directive Consortium, they evaluated whether regulatory or statutory changes were necessary to update the form. She stated that in their evaluation of the CPR directive that Colorado law allows for flexibility. She stated that it is possible to make a CPR directive without the signature of a medical physician.

04:26 PM -- Public Testimony

Susan Fox spoke to the committee about her thoughts on neonatolgy. She stated that it is very difficult for all parties involved to deal with the death of an infant. She suggested that when biological parents are in these types of situations, they are not always able to make decisions clearly due to the emotional strain. She stated that there should be a discussion around who could be considered legal decision makers in these situations. She said that parents should not have to go through a parental rights termination or be the subject to an abandonment order because they are unable to make difficult decisions regarding end of life decision for their infant. She suggested that hearing from neonatal nurses and physicians may be something for the committee to consider. Ms. Fox stated there are about four states that allow immunity for physicians who make decisions in these difficult cases.

04:34 PM

The committee adjourned.