Date: 07/28/2009

Presentation from the Judicial Department


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02:51 PM -- Presentation from the Judicial Department

Gerald Marroney, State Court Administrator, described the services of the Judicial Branch and indicated that caseload is the main factor that drives costs for the court system. He provided the commission with a handout (Attachment L) of slides to complement his presentation. Mr. Marroney stated that Judicial Branch funding has shifted from 19 percent cash funding to 31 percent over the past nine years. He also explained that offenders are assessed based on their prospective risk to the community when considering parole or other programs.


Mr. Marroney described the Judicial Branch's efforts to share data between departments to improve coordination as well as efforts to utilize emerging technologies such as e-filing and online payments to reduce administrative costs. Mr. Marroney relayed the performance metrics and standards the department utilizes for efficiency and accountability.

03:06 PM

Mr. Marroney continued by describing the budget cuts of the early 1990s and indicated that cuts result in furloughs or layoffs and declines in quality of service for the Judicial Branch. Further, he noted that budgets cuts in personnel impact the community and increase costs for other programs and departments. He also discussed the need for sentencing reform.

03:14 PM

Mr. Marroney continued by describing solutions to the challenges the Judicial Branch is facing such as the use of a fee that would go to a rainy day fund. In response to commission member Carol Boigon's question, he detailed the number of employees and budget for the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. He also provided metrics and information in response to Ms. Boigon's question about judge and caseworker caseloads and the tracking of youth cases.