Date: 04/30/2009

Review of Committee Charge and Response Plan


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07:32 AM -- Review of Committee Charge and Response Plan

Senator Sandoval, opened discussion with the committee and explained that, due to the recent swine flu epidemic, the committee needed to meet in order to review the committee's charge and response plan. Representative Lambert explained that the committee was created by Senate Bill 07-229 to develop a plan for the response by, and the continuation or operations of, the General Assembly and the legislative branch in the event of an epidemic emergency. This legislation directed the committee to develop and submit a response plan by July 1, 2008, and also meet at least once a year to review, amend, or update the plan as necessary. The committee members received copies of Senate Bill 07-229 (Attachment A) and the 2008 report to the General Assembly (Attachment B).

090430AttachA.pdf 090430AttachB.pdf

07:38 AM

Representative Levy explained what was completed by the legislative Emergency Epidemic Response Committee. She explained that the committee focused on continuity of operations in order for the legislative branch to complete a legislative session. Mr. Michael Adams, Legislative Information Services Director, talked about the committee's duty is to respond to an emergency epidemic declaration issued by the governor and determine if and how legislative action would be conducted by the General Assembly.

07:41 AM

Ms. Karen Goldman, Secretary of the Senate, and Ms. Marilyn Eddins, Chief Clerk of the House, both commented on the past work of the committee and discussed resolutions that were recommended by committee. Debbie Haskins, Office of Legislative Legal Services, clarified that two resolutions recommended by the committee were adopted. House Resolution 09-1005 addressed the line of succession for the chief clerk of the House of Representative; Senate Joint Resolution 09-004 created new joint rules for the procedures of the General Assembly during a declared disaster emergency. Dianne Ray, Deputy State Auditor, discussed the need to review House and Senate rules in the context of the recent swine flu epidemic. Committee discussion ensued concerning the recent swine flu outbreak and the committee's charge to arrange for the operation of the General Assembly during an epidemic emergency.