Date: 02/18/2009

Joint Budget Committee Briefing


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08:31 AM -- Joint Budget Committee

Representative Ferrandino, member of the Joint Budget Committee (JBC), presented the supplementals relating to the departments overseen by the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee: the Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Regulatory Agencies, and Department of Personnel and Administration. He talked about the cash fund transfer from 38 cash funds into the general fund and explained that the first four that are listed in the members' packet that are being transferred are from the departments overseen by the committee. Representative Priola asked what position the state will be in next year after all of these changes. Representative Ferrandino stated that it will be more difficult next year, but explained that the stimulus money will be available next year and that there is still money in the reserve. Representative Ryden asked if additional information on the department supplementals is available. Representative Ferrandino explained that additional information on supplementals can be found on the JBC website listed by department at: