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Bill Summary Final
Moved a prepared amendment to House Bill 09-1058 (Attachment A), L.003. The motion passed without objection.Final
FINAL VOTE - Moved that House Bill 09-1058 be referred to the Committee of the Whole, as amended. The motion passed on a 5-0-0 roll call vote.Final
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Comm Summary01:37 PM02:28 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
FINAL VOTE - Moved that the draft bill, as amended, be recommended for introduction, and that the bill drafter be permitted to make any necessary technical changes to the bill. The motion passed on a 3-0-2 roll call vote.Final
Moved that the draft bill be amended to grant the Secretary of State rule-making authority to develop an educational training requirement for notaries public. The motion passed without objection.Final
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