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Comm Summary02:32 PM03:45 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
FINAL VOTE - Refer House bill 09-1351, as amended, to the Committee on Appropriations. The motion passed o a 5-1 roll call vote. Final
Adopt prepared Amendment L.005 (Attachment C). The motion passed without objection. Final
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Comm Summary01:41 PM06:32 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
Amend Senate Bill 09-237, page 2, line 14, after brandishing, add "or carrying on his or her person". The motion passed without objection. Final
FINAL VOTE - Refer Senate Bill 09-237, as amended, to the Committee of the Whole. The motion passed on a 6-0 roll call vote. Final
Amend Senate Bill 09-237, page 2, line 15 after firearm, add "nothing in 22-33-106 (1) (f) shall be construed as prohibiting a school district from suspending or expelling a student if the suspension or expulsion would be in accordance with the school district's discipline code." The amendment was withdrawn. Final
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