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Comm Summary01:35 PM03:32 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
Moved amendment L.016 (Attachment C), as amended. The motion failed on a 4-4 vote. Final
Moved an amendment to amendment L.016 to change "teacher" to "educator" as appropriate. The motion passed without objection.Final
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Comm Summary01:36 PM07:38 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
Moved amendment L.024 (Attachment E). Senator Bacon moved a substitute motion (see the next vote sheet), which passed, so this amendment was rendered moot.Final
Moved amendment L.025 (Attachment F). The motion failed on a 2-6 vote.Final
Moved a conceptual amendment to make the bill a three-year pilot applying only to state employees. The motion failed on a 3-5 vote.Final
Moved a substitute motion to Senator King's motion moving amendment L.024. Change "AND" to "OR" on page 5, line 4 of the bill. The motion passed on a 7-1 vote.Final
Moved an amendment to page 4, line 7, of the bill. Changing "kindergarten" to "preschool". The motion passed without objection but was subsequently reconsidered (see next vote sheet). Upon reconsideration, the chair ruled the amendment does not fit under the title.Final
FINAL VOTE - Refer House Bill 09-1057, as amended, to the Committee of the Whole. The motion passed on a 5-3 vote.Final
Moved to reconsider Senator Hudak's amendment changing "kindergarten" to "preschool". The motion passed on a 7-1 vote.Final
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