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Comm Summary01:38 PM07:39 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
Adopt prepared amendment L.032 (Attachment I). The amendment places an annual reporting requirement on the CBI. Committee members commented about the bill. The motion failed on a vote of 2-9.Final
Adopt prepared amendment L.031 (Attachment J). The motion died for lack of a second.Final
Adopt prepared amendment L.027. The amendment makes some technical corrections to the bill and removes the $25,000 fine for not expunging DNA information from the database. The committee discussed the amendment. The motion passed on a vote of 9-2.Final
Adopt prepared amendment L.035 (Attachment H). The amendment removes the surcharge provisions from the bill. The committee discussed the amendment. The motion passed on a vote of 10-1.Final
Adopt prepared amendment L.030 (Attachment G). The amendment is a SEBEC that simply refers the issue to the DNA task force for further study. The committee discussed the amendment at length. The motion failed on a vote of 4-7.Final
FINAL VOTE - Refer Senate Bill 09-241, as amended, to the Committee on Appropriations with a favorable recommendation. The motion passed on a vote of 8-3.Final
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