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Comm Summary08:48 AM08:51 AMFinal
Bill Summary Final
FINAL VOTE - Moved to adopt the first report of the first conference committee on House Bill 09-1058 (Attachment A). The motion passed on a 4-0-2 roll call vote.Final
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Comm Summary01:35 PM01:50 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
Pommer moved to keep the bill as passed in the House.Final
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Comm Summary02:33 PM02:44 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
move to remove the $700,000 for the Water Quality Improvement Fund and then transf additional $1.5 million for HSRFFinal
substitute motion to increase transfer from HSRF by $1.5 million and adhere to House on Water Quality Improvement FundFinal
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Comm Summary01:49 PM02:08 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
Table the bill until March 13Final
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Comm Summary02:09 PM02:27 PMFinal
adhere to SenateFinal
substitute to do amendment L.006 - adhere to House positionFinal
Bill Summary Final
move to put $1.5 million GF into Charter School Capital Construction from same source (Hazerdous Substance Response Fund)Final
substitute motion to restore $10 of the $19.72 per pupil amount that we gave last year then cut this yearFinal
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Comm Summary02:28 PM02:33 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
move to adhere to senate positionFinal
substitute motion to adhere to house positionFinal
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