Time:11:42 AM to 12:02 PM
Gardner B.
Place:HCR 0112
Kerr A.
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Representative Carroll T.
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Carroll M.
Carroll T.
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Human Trafficking Task Force Annual Report-

11:43 AM

Representative Borodkin, chair of the Human Trafficking Task Force, presented the January 2007 report of the task force to the committee (Attachment A). She discussed the history of cases of human trafficking in Colorado. She explained the structure of the report. She stressed that human trafficking does not only occur for sexual purposes, but for all kinds of labor.

11:47 AM

Representative Borodkin cited that human trafficking is the third largest money maker for organized crime activities in Colorado. She pointed out that the individuals who are subject to human trafficking are often uneducated and live in extreme poverty. She stressed that the individuals are victims and not criminals. Representative T. Carroll asked about the recommendations included in the report and whether legislation will be drafted to address those recommendations. Representative Borodkin explained the difference between human smuggling and human trafficking. She pointed out that education is the most important tool available for stopping the practice of human trafficking.

11:51 AM

Representative Levy asked what happens to the victims of human trafficking. Representative Borodkin replied that it depends on the circumstances. Terri Livermore joined Representative Borodkin at the table to answer questions about the identification of victims. Representative Stephens asked what other states have done to address human trafficking. Representative Borodkin talked about federal grants and attempts by the task force to apply for some of that funding.

11:58 AM

Representative M. Carroll asked about the best process for victims of human trafficking to come forward and alert the authorities to instances of human trafficking. Ms. Livermore talked about the coordination of efforts among relevant entities to create a process by which victims can report the crime without being erroneously prosecuted. Representative Borodkin talked about organizations that reach out to potential victims in order to educate them about their rights.

12:02 PM

Representative T. Carroll adjourned the committee.