First Regular Session

Sixty-second General Assembly

LLS NO. R99­0738.01 Freyja Damron



BY SENATORS Tebedo, Andrews, Blickensderfer, Chlouber, Congrove, Dennis, Dyer, Epps, Evans, Hillman, Lacy, Lamborn, Linkhart, Musgrave, Nichol, Owen, Perlmutter, Powers, Reeves, Sullivant, Teck, Wattenberg, Weddig, and Wham;

also REPRESENTATIVES Hoppe, Alexander, Allen, Clapp, Coleman, Dean, Decker, Fairbank, Gagliardi, George, Gotlieb, Hagedorn, Hefley, Johnson, Kaufman, Kester, King, Larson, Lee, May, McElhany, Mckay, McPherson, Miller, Mitchell, Morrison, Nunez, Pascall, Pfiffner, Ragsdale, Scott, Sinclair, Smith, Spence, Spradley, Stengel, Swenson, Takis, Tapia, Taylor, Tochtrop, Tool, Veiga, Vigil, Webster, S. Williams, T. Williams, Witwer, and Zimmerman.



WHEREAS, The history of Colorado has a rich tradition of shooting sports including hunting, rifle, shotgun, blackpowder, and handgun and, in addition, Olympic events including air pistol, air rifle, rifles, and shotguns; and

WHEREAS, The future of our nation depends on how well­educated we keep our children; and

WHEREAS, Teaching gun safety does save lives; and

WHEREAS, The National Rifle Association's "Eddie Eagle" Gun Safety Program teaches children knowledge, discipline, and responsibility in a fun, safe way that has no agenda other than accident prevention; and

WHEREAS, The sheriffs' offices and police departments of Colorado are helping provide leadership and a positive role model to all ages and teaching all aspects of safety; and

WHEREAS, Colorado firearms instructors are effectively working with law enforcement and educators to successfully implement the "Eddie Eagle" Gun Safety Program; and

WHEREAS, Teachers, firearms instructors, and others in the education field agree that gun safety education is the key to preventing accidents involving children and guns and that the "Eddie Eagle" Gun Safety Program has a vital life­saving message; and

WHEREAS, These organizations and many other citizens of the state of Colorado and the United States of America believe in the rich heritage of educating our youth on firearm safety; and

WHEREAS, The National Rifle Association's "Eddie Eagle" Gun Safety Program has been successfully used by more than 370 educational institutions, law enforcement entities, and other youth organizations throughout the state, and nearly 130,000 Colorado children have learned this life­saving message; now, therefore,

Be It Resolved by the Senate of the Sixty­second General Assembly of the State of Colorado, the House of Representative concurring herein:

That we, the members of the General Assembly, recognize the many worthwhile accomplishments of the "Eddie Eagle" Gun Safety Program, and, in view of the great need for the lessons that are taught, encourage the use of the "Eddie Eagle" Gun Safety Program, other National Rifle Association firearm safety education programs, and other gun safety curriculums in the school system to help prevent firearm accidents among children.

Be It Further Resolved, That a copy of this Resolution be transmitted to the Commissioner of Education.