1999 Senate Resolutions

This information is prepared as an informational service only and should not be relied upon as an official record of action taken by the Colorado General Assembly.

Senate Bills, Senate Resolutions and Memorials

House Bills, House Resolutions and Memorials
Status Sheet Fiscal Note Res. Number Senate Sponsor House Sponsor Bill Titles
Status SCR99- 001 RUPERT LAWRENCE Capitol Building Restoration
Status SCR99- 002 WEDDIG KAUFMAN Recover Duplicative Payments In OAP
Status SCR99- 003 TEBEDO MCELHANY Modify Initiative Petition Filing Date
Status SCR99- 004 ANDREWS LEE< Judicial Reform
Status SCR99- 005 RUPERT (NONE) State Officials Compensation Commission
Status SJM99- 001 DYER LARSON Memorializing Chuck Lile
Status SJM99- 002 ANDERSON GEORGE Grampsas Memorial
Status SJM99- 003 MUSGRAVE MAY Mem Congress To Est Block Grant Prog
Status SJM99- 004 HILLMAN YOUNG Repeal The Death Tax
Status SJM99- 005 POWERS DEAN Vote For Congressional Pay Increase
Status SJR99- 001 BLICKEN SDERFER DEAN Notify Governor GA Is Organized
Status SJR99- 002 BLICKEN SDERFER DEAN Adopt Temporary Joint Rules
Status SJR99- 003 BLICKEN SDERFER DEAN Canvass Of Votes
Status SJR99- 004 BLICKEN SDERFER DEAN Grades and Steps
Status SJR99- 005 BLICKEN SDERFER DEAN Joint Session Inauguration Ceremonies
Status SJR99- 006 TEBEDO MILLER Police Fire Exclude Soc Security System
Status SJR99- 007 LACY TOOL Committees of Reference Budget Review
Status SJR99- 008 BLICKEN SDERFER DEAN Grade and step
Status SJR99- 009 POWERS GEORGE Deadline for School Finance Bill
Status SJR99- 010 ARNOLD GOTLIEB Oppose Participation In Soc Sec System
Status SJR99- 011 BLICKEN SDERFER DEAN Senate Committee Deadline
Status SJR99- 012 OWEN MCELHANY Census Bureau's Use Of Stats For Decennial
Status SJR99- 013 DYER LARSON Robert DeNier
Status SJR99- 014 DENNIS ALEXANDER Osteoporosis Awareness
Status SJR99- 015 RUPERT TUPA Professor of the Year Dennis Van Gerven
Status SJR99- 017 MARTINEZ GEORGE Sand Creek Civil War Monument
Status SJR99- 018 BLICKEN SDERFER TAPIA Single Parents Day
Status SJR99- 019 BLICKEN SDERFER DEAN Amend Deadlines
Status SJR99- 020 BLICKEN SDERFER DEAN Convening Date
Status SJR99- 021 POWERS GEORGE House Bill 1325 Interrogatories
Status SJR99- 022 RUPERT TUPA Natalia Toro Day
Status SJR99- 023 ANDREWS CLAPP Cherry Creek Dam Study
Status SJR99- 024 POWERS GEORGE Amend Deadline Schedule
Status SJR99- 025 PASCOE GOTLIEB Opera Colorado
Status SJR99- 026 HILLMAN KING Freedom From Religious Persecution
Status SJR99- 027 OWEN SPENCE Postal Rate Commission Authority
Status SJR99- 028 BLICKEN SDERFER DEAN Deadline for Long Bill Conference
Status SJR99- 029 ANDREWS SINCLAIR National Missile Defense
Status SJR99- 030 TEBEDO HOPPE Eddie The Eagle
Status SJR99- 031 PERLMUTTER MCELHANY Suicide Prevention
Status SJR99- 032 OWEN MCELHANY Post Census Local Review
Status SJR99- 033 EVANS (NONE) Pub School Finance Interim Study
Status SJR99- 034 LINKHART ALEXANDER Child Care Interim Cmte
Status SJR99- 035 EVANS GOTLIEB Co Preterm Birth Prevention Project 99
Status SJR99- 036 LACY TOOL Div Of Youth Corrections Study
Status SJR99- 037 WHAM LAWRENCE General Assembly Oral History
Status SJR99- 038 DYER LARSON Honoring Chuck Lile
Status SJR99- 039 CHLOUBER MILLER Revise LATA boundary
Status SJR99- 040 EVANS KAUFMAN Alt Chartering Authority Interim Cmte
Status SJR99- 041 CHLOUBER SPRADLEY Correctional Emps Appreciation Week
Status SJR99- 042 EVANS LEE Damage To Underground Utility Facilities
Status SJR99- 043 HERNANDEZ MACE Recognizing Cesar Chavez
Status SJR99- 044 FEELEY VEIGA Honoring The Mothers Of Colorado
Status SJR99- 045 PASCOE COLEMAN Encourage Contrib To WWII Memorial
Status SJR99- 046 SULLIVANT GEORGE Development & Growth Interim Study
Status SJR99- 047 WATTENBERG YOUNG Reestablish Economic Parity
Status SJR99- 048 TECK SWENSON Interim Fiscal Study State & Local Gov
Status SJR99- 049 CHLOUBER COLEMAN Telecom Issues Interim Study
Status SJR99- 050 LAMBORN SPRADLEY Bus Pers Prop Tax Interim Committee
Status SJR99- 051 BLICKEN SDERFER DEAN Commend United Veterans Comm of CO
Status SJR99- 052 RUPERT (NONE) Study Criminal Sentencing
Status SR99- 001 BLICKEN SDERFER (NONE) Appoint Members To Sen Comm
Status SR99- 002 BLICKEN SDERFER (NONE) Appoint Officers & Employees Of Senate
Status SR99- 003 BLICKEN SDERFER (NONE) Pre-session Pay For Employees
Status SR99- 004 BLICKEN SDERFER (NONE) Appoint Officers & Employees Of Senate
Status SR99- 005 BLICKEN SDERFER (NONE) Appoint Officers & Employees Of Senate
Status SR99- 006 POWERS (NONE) Change Sen Committee Memberships
Status SR99- 007 BLICKEN SDERFER (NONE) Sen. Committee Membership Changes
Status SR99- 008 BLICKEN SDERFER (NONE) Appoint Senate Employees
Status SR99- 009 DENNIS (NONE) Osteoporosis
Status SR99- 010 LAMBORN (NONE) Premier Of China Visit To Denver

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