1999 Senate Bills

This information is prepared as an informational service only and should not be relied upon as an official record of action taken by the Colorado General Assembly.

Senate Bills, Senate Resolutions and Memorials

House Bills, House Resolutions and Memorials
Status Sheet Fiscal Note Bill Number Senate Sponsor House Sponsor Bill Titles
Status FN SB99-001 POWERS LEYBA Western Presidential Primary Election
Status FN SB99-002 TEBEDO SINCLAIR Process To Strike Recall Petition Sigs
Status FN SB99-003 TECK GEORGE Study Government Tax & Fiscal Policies
Status FN SB99-004 POWERS PFIFFNER Regulation Of Nonprofit State Activities
Status FN SB99-005 REEVES DEAN FPPA Acquisition Of Service Credit
Status FN SB99-006 WHAM TOOL Payments Allowing Return To Home
Status FN SB99-007 WEDDIG (NONE) Adult Assistance Programs Not Fed Funded
Status FN SB99-008 TECK (NONE) TABOR Refund By Property Tax Reduction
Status FN SB99-009 EVANS SULLIVANT Alt Fuels Tax Exemption Credit & Rebate
Status FN SB99-010 WEDDIG LAWRENCE Aid To The Needy Disabled Program
Status FN SB99-011 MATSUNAKA KAUFMAN Affordable Housing Spec Dist Fee Waiver
Status FN SB99-012 RUPERT PASCHALL Individual Responsibility Contracts
Status FN SB99-013 GRAMPSAS (NONE) Ltd Gaming License Prohibitions
Status FN SB99-014 LAMBORN MCELHANY Preempt Local Minimum Wage Laws
Status FN SB99-015 PHILLIPS WITWER Expand County Lease Purchase Authority
Status FN SB99-016 MARTINEZ (NONE) Aged Inmates
Status FN SB99-017 WHAM KAUFMAN Continuing Judicial Performance Comms
Status FN SB99-018 WHAM GEORGE Art In Juvenile Facilities
Status FN SB99-019 TEBEDO PFIFFNER Temp License For Shriners Hospital Docs
Status FN SB99-020 PHILLIPS ZIMMERMAN Hazardous Substance Response Moneys
Status FN SB99-021 LINKHART HAGEDORN County Duty To Adopt Policies
Status FN SB99-022 WHAM TOOL Access To OB/GYN Medical Care
Status FN SB99-023 ARNOLD KELLER Circumvention Of D&N For MH Services
Status FN SB99-024 EPPS DECKER School Dist Tax Levy For Playgrounds
Status FN SB99-025 REEVES JOHNSON Elections Code Time Requirements
Status FN SB99-026 FEELEY (NONE) State & Local Fiscal Policy Task Force
Status FN SB99-027 HILLMAN LARSON Change Date Of Precinct Caucuses
Status FN SB99-028 NICHOL KAUFMAN Change Recount Percentages
Status FN SB99-029 ANDERSON SPRADLEY Limited Gaming Fund Distributions
Status FN SB99-030 MATSUNAKA KAUFMAN Sales Tx Lim Exempt For Mark Promot Tax
Status FN SB99-031 ANDERSON BERRY Employee Leasing Company Benefits
Status FN SB99-032 TEBEDO JOHNSON FPPA Disability Benefit Options
Status FN SB99-033 LINKHART PFIFFNER Enterprise Zone Objectives
Status FN SB99-034 MUSGRAVE MAY Qualifying For Unemployment Benefits
Status FN SB99-035 POWERS TAYLOR Inspection Of Manufactured Units
Status FN SB99-036 ARNOLD MITCHELL Expansive Soils Disclosure & Liability
Status FN SB99-037 ARNOLD GOTLIEB Repeal Ed Clinics & Second Chance Prog
Status FN SB99-038 HERNANDEZ MACE Raising The Age For Compulsory Education
Status FN SB99-039 TEBEDO MACE Dropout Definition & District Reporting
Status FN SB99-040 THIEBAUT SMITH Statewide Transportation Policy
Status FN SB99-041 DYER SWENSON Bicycle Traffic Regulations
Status FN SB99-042 DYER (NONE) Workers' Comp Director Set Benefits
Status FN SB99-043 CHLOUBER MILLER Protect Farms Against Nuisance Suits
Status FN SB99-044 TECK ALEXANDER Wine Festival Permits
Status FN SB99-045 LACY DEAN Electronic Release Of Wage Information
Status FN SB99-046 EPPS MORRISON Board Of Nursing
Status FN SB99-047 TANNER (NONE) Colorado Wellness Program
Status FN SB99-048 BLICKENSDERFER MCPHERSON Crime Of Motor Vehicle Theft
Status FN SB99-049 RUPERT TATE Hate Crimes
Status FN SB99-050 ARNOLD MITCHELL Sentencing Serious Offenders
Status FN SB99-051 HERNANDEZ GEORGE Student Dropout Prevention & Interventn
Status FN SB99-052 CONGROVE KING Charter School Revisions
Status FN SB99-053 PASCOE (NONE) Juvenile Access To Handguns
Status FN SB99-054 ANDREWS STENGEL Colorado Health Care Trust Fund
Status FN SB99-055 LINKHART (NONE) Tax Credit For Donations To Schools
Status FN SB99-056 PERLMUTTER WINDELS Elder Telemarketing Fraud
Status FN SB99-057 DENNIS MITCHELL Telecom Prices & Audits
Status FN SB99-058 OWEN (NONE) Implement Federal Firearm Instant Check
Status FN SB99-059 EVANS KAUFMAN Colorado Scholar Program
Status FN SB99-060 TANNER (NONE) Operation Of Motor Vehicles By Minors
Status FN SB99-061 ANDERSON KAUFMAN Parole Issues
Status FN SB99-062 EPPS (NONE) Approval Of Independent Living Centers
Status FN SB99-063 MUSGRAVE LAWRENCE Veterans' Plates For Motor Homes
Status FN SB99-064 MATSUNAKA (NONE) Uniform Health Care Claims Processing
Status FN SB99-065 REEVES LEYBA Central Indexing System
Status FN SB99-066 GRAMPSAS WITWER Continue Regulation Of Racing
Status FN SB99-067 WEDDIG GROSSMAN Health Care For Aid To Needy Disabled
Status FN SB99-068 HERNANDEZ LEE Enforcing Return Of Textbooks
Status FN SB99-069 ARNOLD JOHNSON Business Group Of One Health Coverage
Status FN SB99-070 POWERS AMENT Environmental Audit Privilege
Status FN SB99-071 CHLOUBER MCELHANY Long-distance Billing Practices
Status FN SB99-072 NICHOL KAUFMAN Access To Ballot By Petition
Status FN SB99-073 ARNOLD KESTER Revenue Bonds For Education
Status FN SB99-074 POWERS MCELHANY Child Care Check Off Extension
Status FN SB99-075 REEVES KAUFMAN Support Obligations
Status FN SB99-076 LAMBORN (NONE) County Inits Referenda & Ref Measures
Status FN SB99-077 HILLMAN YOUNG Enhanced Rural Enterprise Zones
Status FN SB99-078 PASCOE TUPA Intestate Successn For Committed Prtnrs
Status FN SB99-079 OWEN WITWER Disabled Parking Privileges
Status FN SB99-080 LAMBORN (NONE) Viable Child Protection Act
Status FN SB99-081 CHLOUBER YOUNG Regulation Of Animal Racing
Status FN SB99-082 LACY DEAN Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreements
Status FN SB99-083 OWEN BERRY Foreign Capital Depositories
Status FN SB99-084 CHLOUBER DEAN Concealed Handgun Permits
Status FN SB99-085 WHAM KAUFMAN Continue Colorado Civil Rights Agencies
Status FN SB99-086 THIEBAUT TUPA Academic Grant Program
Status FN SB99-087 THIEBAUT TAPIA Patient's Bill Of Rights
Status FN SB99-088 ANDREWS YOUNG High Occupancy Toll Lanes
Status FN SB99-089 CONGROVE PASCHALL Make Property Tax Valuations Accurate
Status FN SB99-090 ANDERSON KAUFMAN PERA Health Care & Pension Changes
Status FN SB99-091 HILLMAN PFIFFNER County Land Use Regulation Referendum
Status FN SB99-092 TANNER TATE Elderly Property Tax Credit
Status FN SB99-093 DENNIS DEAN State Grants For Libraries
Status FN SB99-094 FEELEY GAGLIARDI Government Fiscal Data Sharing
Status FN SB99-095 RUPERT TATE Moratorium On New Prisons
Status FN SB99-096 RUPERT MORRISON Female Genital Mutilation
Status FN SB99-097 DYER (NONE) Special Mobile Machinery Registration
Status FN SB99-098 LINKHART (NONE) Chronic Illness Program
Status FN SB99-099 ANDERSON TAYLOR Real Estate Division And Commission
Status FN SB99-100 ANDREWS DEAN Charter Schools Expansion
Status FN SB99-101 EVANS YOUNG Fiduciaries Grant Conserv Easements
Status FN SB99-102 HERNANDEZ MACE Work Comp PPD Benefits
Status FN SB99-103 ANDERSON SWENSON Disclosures By Used Car Dealers
Status FN SB99-104 REEVES (NONE) Breastfeeding In Public
Status FN SB99-105 PHILLIPS (NONE) County Noise Regulation
Status FN SB99-106 PHILLIPS GOTLIEB Prohibit Hazing
Status FN SB99-107 PASCOE (NONE) Local Govt Growth Management
Status FN SB99-108 TEBEDO MCELHANY Concealed Handgun Permits
Status FN SB99-109 TECK MCELHANY Real Estate Brokerage Relationships
Status FN SB99-110 FEELEY MCELHANY Telecommunications
Status FN SB99-111 HILLMAN KESTER Req County Approval To Release Rodents
Status FN SB99-112 HERNANDEZ JOHNSON Regulation Of Dogs
Status FN SB99-113 WATTENBERG LAWRENCE Civil Rights Commission Responsibilities
Status FN SB99-114 PHILLIPS MITCHELL Pre-tax Dollars To Pay For Health Ins
Status FN SB99-115 CHLOUBER (NONE) Criminal Designation On ID Cards
Status FN SB99-116 GRAMPSAS PFIFFNER Add A District Judge In The First Dist
Status FN SB99-117 DENNIS TAYLOR Remove Clean Vehicle Fleet Plan From SIP
Status FN SB99-118 EPPS ALEXANDER Alcohol Beverage Tastings
Status FN SB99-119 WHAM KAUFMAN HIV Testing Information
Status FN SB99-120 WEDDIG ALEXANDER Prescription Processing Requirements
Status FN SB99-121 NICHOL LARSON Neighborhood Notice Transportation Proj
Status FN SB99-122 CHLOUBER YOUNG Colorado Seed Act
Status FN SB99-123 TECK LEE Insurance Assignments
Status FN SB99-124 OWEN MCELHANY Small Group Health Insurance
Status FN SB99-125 THIEBAUT ZIMMERMAN Minimum Fair Wage
Status FN SB99-126 REEVES (NONE) State Income Tax Changes
Status FN SB99-127 LACY SWENSON Biotechnology Sales & Use Tax Exemption
Status FN SB99-128 GRAMPSAS SULLIVANT Tax Credit For Historic Preservation
Status FN SB99-129 NICHOL PASCHALL Public Transportation Fare Inspectors
Status FN SB99-130 WHAM KAUFMAN Juvenile Laws
Status FN SB99-131 WHAM KAUFMAN Continuing YOS
Status FN SB99-132 ANDERSON MORRISON Use Of Tobacco Moneys
Status FN SB99-133 LAMBORN MCPHERSON Property Rights Violation Atty Fees
Status FN SB99-134 HILLMAN MCPHERSON Contracting For State Financing Methods
Status FN SB99-135 TECK HOPPE Ins Continuing Ed Advisory Committee
Status FN SB99-136 DENNIS YOUNG Colorado Natural Areas Council
Status FN SB99-137 EVANS ALEXANDER Authority Over Animals In Shelters
Status FN SB99-138 THIEBAUT (NONE) Community Pollution Prevention
Status FN SB99-139 PASCOE ALLEN Law-related Education Advisory Board
Status FN SB99-140 PASCOE SULLIVANT Fire Safety Advisory Board
Status FN SB99-141 PASCOE TOCHTROP Referrals To Specialists & 2nd Opinions
Status FN SB99-142 EVANS MITCHELL Nursing Home Administrators Board
Status FN SB99-143 PERLMUTTER KAUFMAN Consumer Protection Act
Status FN SB99-144 DYER (NONE) Insurance Self-evaluation Privilege
Status FN SB99-145 WATTENBERG TAYLOR Air Quality Standards For Public Lands
Status FN SB99-146 DENNIS (NONE) Osteoporosis Program
Status FN SB99-147 TANNER TOOL Raise Benefits For Jurors And Witnesses
Status FN SB99-148 TANNER (NONE) Mammographies For Men
Status FN SB99-149 CHLOUBER (NONE) Greyhound Racing Simulcast Signals
Status FN SB99-150 EPPS GEORGE Drug Dealer Liability Act
Status FN SB99-151 ARNOLD PLANT Metropolitan District Rail Systems
Status FN SB99-152 LINKHART ALEXANDER Child Care
Status FN SB99-153 OWEN SPRADLEY Restructure Natural Gas Industry
Status FN SB99-154 EVANS GOTLIEB Performance-based Teacher Ed
Status FN SB99-155 BLICKENSDERFER MCPHERSON Labor Lockout Unemployment Benefits
Status FN SB99-156 MUSGRAVE MCKAY Carrying Concealed Weapons
Status FN SB99-157 WEDDIG WEBSTER County Land Divisions
Status FN SB99-158 HERNANDEZ DEAN Spinal Adjustment Training Requirements
Status FN SB99-159 MUSGRAVE MITCHELL Marriages Between One Man & One Woman
Status FN SB99-160 DYER KAUFMAN Dereg Of UCCC Rates Charges & Fees
Status FN SB99-161 TEBEDO BERRY Work Comp Reduction For Drugs & Alcohol
Status FN SB99-162 ANDREWS PFIFFNER Preschool Tuition Reimbursement
Status FN SB99-163 FEELEY MCPHERSON Telecommunication Education Institute
Status FN SB99-164 TEBEDO SINCLAIR Special License Plates For Broadcasters
Status FN SB99-165 RUPERT MCELHANY Funding Reading Services For The Blind
Status FN SB99-166 RUPERT BACON School District Policies On Safe Schools
Status FN SB99-167 PERLMUTTER SMITH Public Trustee Foreclosure Sales
Status FN SB99-168 MARTINEZ TATE Colorado Employment Discrimination Laws
Status FN SB99-169 WATTENBERG GEORGE Electricity Panel Expense Reimbursement
Status FN SB99-170 PHILLIPS KAUFMAN Citizen Fin Protection For Y2K Problems
Status FN SB99-171 MATSUNAKA (NONE) State Dept Long Range Planning
Status FN SB99-172 LACY TOOL Tobacco Litigation Settlement Fund
Status FN SB99-173 DENNIS YOUNG Colo Water Conservation Board Projects
Status FN SB99-174 GRAMPSAS ALLEN Repeal Sale Of ID Photos
Status FN SB99-175 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Agriculture
Status FN SB99-176 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Corrections
Status FN SB99-177 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Education
Status FN SB99-178 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Gov,Lt Gov,OSPB
Status FN SB99-179 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Health Policy & Fin
Status FN SB99-180 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Human Servs
Status FN SB99-181 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Judicial Dept
Status FN SB99-182 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Labor & Employment
Status FN SB99-183 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Law
Status FN SB99-184 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Legislative Dept
Status FN SB99-185 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Local Affairs
Status FN SB99-186 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Military Affairs
Status FN SB99-187 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Natural Resources
Status FN SB99-188 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Personnel
Status FN SB99-189 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Pub Health & Envir
Status FN SB99-190 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Public Safety
Status FN SB99-191 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Reg Agencies
Status FN SB99-192 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Revenue
Status FN SB99-193 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of State
Status FN SB99-194 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Dept Of Transportation
Status FN SB99-195 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Treasury Dept
Status FN SB99-196 LACY TOOL Suppl Approp Capital Const
Status FN SB99-197 BLICKENSDERFER DEAN Leg. Expenses and Appropriation
Status FN SB99-198 FEELEY (NONE) Special Ed Children With Disabilities
Status FN SB99-199 WHAM KAUFMAN State Agency Reporting Requirements
Status FN SB99-200 WHAM LAWRENCE Repeal School Of Mines Lease Prohibition
Status FN SB99-201 LACY BERRY Fair Authority Exempt From Procure Code
Status FN SB99-202 ANDERSON PFIFFNER Permit Parents To Set School Curriculum
Status FN SB99-203 ARNOLD ALLEN Ed-related Reporting Requirements
Status FN SB99-204 TEBEDO MCELHANY State Reporting Requirements
Status FN SB99-205 TECK CLAPP Local Government's Authority To Sue
Status FN SB99-206 OWEN MCELHANY Census Population Data
Status FN SB99-207 TEBEDO MCPHERSON Nonutility Activity Of Public Utilities
Status FN SB99-208 MARTINEZ PASCHALL Repeal Emissions Inspection On Sale
Status FN SB99-209 LAMBORN WEBSTER Authority For County Referred Measures
Status FN SB99-210 PERLMUTTER WITWER Surety Bonds For Self-insurers
Status FN SB99-211 SULLIVANT (NONE) Colorado Responsible Growth Act
Status FN SB99-212 EVANS LEE Utility Excavation Requirements
Status FN SB99-213 SULLIVANT DEAN Charitable Games Of Chance
Status FN SB99-214 DENNIS JOHNSON Funding The Wildlife Education Council
Status FN SB99-215 LACY TOOL Long Appropriations Bill
Status FN SB99-216 LACY TOOL General Fund Transfer To Cap Const Fund
Status FN SB99-217 ANDERSON SPRADLEY Bank Holding Co Subs Underwrite Ins
Status FN SB99-218 ANDERSON STENGEL Property Rights
Status FN SB99-219 THIEBAUT LAWRENCE Delete USC Property Lease Prohibition
Status FN SB99-220 LAMBORN KAUFMAN Colo Uniform Custodial Trust Act
Status FN SB99-221 LAMBORN DEAN Petitions To Amend Assoc Declarations
Status FN SB99-222 BLICKENSDERFER DEAN Y2K Hospital Enterprises
Status FN SB99-223 WHAM KAUFMAN Performance Evaluation Disputes
Status FN SB99-224 BLICKENSDERFER GEORGE Ownership Lim Repeal Nonprofit Health
Status FN SB99-225 ANDERSON MORRISON Elective Office Vacancies
Status FN SB99-226 LACY TOOL Consolidated Child Care Services
Status FN SB99-227 OWEN TOOL Approp Transfers & Overexpenditures
Status FN SB99-228 OWEN DEAN Employment Support Fund Allocations
Status FN SB99-229 TECK ALLEN Higher Education Goals
Status FN SB99-230 EPPS MORRISON Health Carrier Contractor Solvency
Status FN SB99-231 LACY TOOL Tobacco Litigation Settlement Moneys
Status FN SB99-232 ANDERSON SPRADLEY Expenditures From State Historical Fund
Status FN SB99-233 LACY TOOL State Fiscal Policies Relating To TABOR
Status FN SB99-234 RUPERT (NONE) State Capitol Renovation
Status FN SB99-235 POWERS GEORGE Disposition Of Excess Right-Of-Way
Status FN SB99-236 WHAM LAWRENCE Cap Proj At Univ Of Co Health Sci Center
Status FN SB99-237 PASCOE LEYBA Repeal Of State Spending Limitation
Status FN SB99-238 LACY BERRY DYC Contracting For Services
Status FN SB99-239 LACY TOOL General Fund Transfer To Cap Const Fund

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