1999 House Resolutions

This information is prepared as an informational service only and should not be relied upon as an official record of action taken by the Colorado General Assembly.

Senate Bills, Senate Resolutions and Memorials

House Bills, House Resolutions and Memorials
Status Sheet Fiscal Note Res. Number Senate Sponsor House Sponsor Bill Titles
Status HCR99-1001 BLICKENSDERFER PFIFFNER State Employee Merit System
Status HCR99-1002 (NONE) SWENSON Agricultural Lands Preservation Program
Status HJM99-1001 FEELEY GORDON Memorial For Floyd K Haskell
Status HJR99-1001 BLICKENSDERFER DEAN Joint Session For Address By Governor
Status HJR99-1002 BLICKENSDERFER DEAN Chief Justice Address
Status HJR99-1003 POWERS GEORGE Appoint Uniform Laws Commissioners
Status HJR99-1004 WATTENBERG YOUNG Water Pollution Eligibility List
Status HJR99-1005 WATTENBERG YOUNG Drinking Water Eligibility List
Status HJR99-1006 GRAMPSAS MCPHERSON Revenue Resolution
Status HJR99-1007 EPPS CLARKE Med Indigent Reimburse Rate For Providers
Status HJR99-1008 HERNANDEZ MACE Season For Nonviolence
Status HJR99-1009 WHAM GOTLIEB Denver Broncos AFC Champs
Status HJR99-1010 WHAM GOTLIEB Broncos Super Bowl Trophy
Status HJR99-1011 ANDERSON SWILLIAMS Read Across America Day
Status HJR99-1012 TEBEDO SPRADLEY Teller County Month
Status HJR99-1013 REEVES ALEXANDER Colorado Nonprofit Day
Status HJR99-1014 BLICKENSDERFER STENGEL 100th Anniversary Of The VFW
Status HJR99-1015 CONGROVE SCOTT Rocky Flats Nuclear Waste Removal
Status HJR99-1016 ARNOLD PFIFFNER Balanced Federal Budget
Status HJR99-1017 DYER SINCLAIR Military Appreciation Day
Status HJR99-1018 DENNIS LARSON Oil & Gas Study
Status HJR99-1019 WATTENBERG YOUNG Species Conservation Eligibility List
Status HJR99-1020 DENNIS HOPPE Oppose Colorado Wilderness Act
Status HJR99-1021 HERNANDEZ TATE Keep Federal Trade Commission In Denver
Status HJR99-1022 BLICKENSDERFER MCPHERSON Scottish Tartan Day
Status HJR99-1023 CHLOUBER MILLER Hardrock Mining Regulation
Status HJR99-1024 BLICKENSDERFER DEAN Commemorate Tony Grampsas
Status HJR99-1025 WHAM PASCHALL Concerning honoring the Metropolitan State College of Denver men's basketball t
Status HJR99-1026 RUPERT LEYBA Recognition Of National Equal Pay Day
Status HJR99-1027 PERLMUTTER MORRISON Holocaust awareness week
Status HJR99-1028 (NONE) ZIMMERMAN Study On Tax Incentives
Status HJR99-1029 EVANS SCOTT Interim Study Of Trans Projects
Status HJR99-1030 NICHOL TOCHTROP Motorcycle Safety Month
Status HJR99-1031 LACY KAUFMAN 25th Anniversary Of CHFA
Status HJR99-1032 CONGROVE PASCHALL Right To Work
Status HJR99-1033 PHILLIPS HAGEDORN Urban Sprawl Interim Study
Status HJR99-1034 ANDREWS KING Interim Study Of Special Ed
Status HJR99-1035 HILLMAN HOPPE EPA Restrictions On Grain Fumigants
Status HJR99-1036 HERNANDEZ MACE Celebrating Cinco De Mayo
Status HJR99-1037 CHLOUBER TAYLOR EPA Over Filing Against CO Reg Entities
Status HJR99-1038 LACY TOOL Deadlines For Judge Bills
Status HJR99-1039 POWERS MACE Country Of Origin Labeling
Status HJR99-1040 POWERS TOOL Support Federal Balance Budget Amendment
Status HJR99-1041 POWERS GEORGE Early Childhood Intervention Aware Day
Status HJR99-1042 WHAM TOOL Mental Illness Criminal Justice Comm
Status HJR99-1043 DENNIS ALEXANDER Country Of Origin Labels On Ag Products
Status HJR99-1044 ANDREWS CLAPP Volunteer Alleviate Highway Congestion
Status HJR99-1045 SULLIVANT PASCHALL Mobile Source Emissions Study
Status HJR99-1046 WATTENBERG TAYLOR Urge Amendment To Superfund
Status HJR99-1047 WATTENBERG TAYLOR Reconsider Regional Haze Rule
Status HJR99-1048 (NONE) GROSSMAN Federalization Of State Crimes
Status HJR99-1049 FEELEY GORDON ADA Intergrated Mandate Settings
Status HJR99-1050 PERLMUTTER GROSSMAN Request to expedite federal judicial nominations
Status HJR99-1051 HILLMAN JOHNSON Amending The Endangered Species Act
Status HJR99-1052 HERNANDEZ MACE National Civility Week
Status HJR99-1053 HILLMAN YOUNG Amend Fed Unemployment Tax Act
Status HJR99-1054 FEELEY TUPA Local Control & Home Rule
Status HJR99-1055 ARNOLD MCELHANY Eliminate Federal Marriage Tax Penalty
Status HJR99-1056 ANDERSON LEE Censuring Howard Stern
Status HJR99-1057 REEVES TOOL CSU women's basketball team
Status HJR99-1058 ANDERSON LEE Tragedy At Columbine High School
Status HJR99-1059 POWERS GEORGE Parking in the Capitol circle
Status HJR99-1060 DENNIS SMITH Federal Air Money Legislation
Status HM99-1001 (NONE) SWENSON Rep Sanders Arnold Memorial
Status HM99-1002 (NONE) TATE Memorial for King Trimble
Status HM99-1003 (NONE) PASCHALL Memorial For August J. Spano
Status HR99-1001 (NONE) DEAN Temporary Rules of the House
Status HR99-1002 (NONE) LAWRENCE Appointment of House Employees
Status HR99-1003 (NONE) LAWRENCE Pre-session Pay For Employees
Status HR99-1004 (NONE) LAWRENCE Appointment Of House Chaplains
Status HR99-1005 (NONE) DEAN Changes To House Rules
Status HR99-1006 (NONE) LAWRENCE Grades & Steps For New Emp
Status HR99-1007 (NONE) DEAN Recount Boulder Cnty Ballots '98 Gen Elect
Status HR99-1008 (NONE) GEORGE Colo & Georgia Super Bowl Bet
Status HR99-1009 (NONE) CHAVEZ Denver Center Theatre Co Recognition
Status HR99-1010 (NONE) GOTLIEB Joy of Music Marathon
Status HR99-1011 (NONE) MCELHANY Co School For Deaf And Blind Day

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