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First Regular Session

Thirty-seventh Legislative Day Thursday, February 11, 1999

Prayer by Pastor Stephen Swanson, St Paul's Lutheran Church, Denver.

The Speaker called the House to order at 8:30 a.m.

The roll was called with the following result:


Absent and excused--Representatives Gordon, Hefley, Nuñez, Paschall, Spradley, Vigil, S.Williams--7.

Present after roll call--Representatives Gordon, S.Williams.

The Speaker declared a quorum present.


On motion of Representative Kester, the reading of the journal of February 10, 1999, was dispensed with and approved as corrected by the Chief Clerk.




After consideration on the merits, the Committee recommends the following:

HB99-1267 be amended as follows, and as so amended, be referred to the Committee of the Whole with favorable recommendation:

Amend printed bill, page 1, line 6, strike "2004" and substitute "2002".



On motion of Representative Dean, the following items on the Calendar were laid over until February 12, retaining place on Calendar:

Consideration of Third Reading--HB99-1173, 1188, 1160, 1180, 1191, 1097, 1100, 1130, 1096, 1210, 1162, 1117, 1228, 1229.

Consideration of General Orders--HB99-1233, 1111, 1199, 1163, 1039, 1244, 1285, 1305, 1158, 1181, 1206, 1204, 1274, 1288, 1251, 1275.



The following Reports have been received by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives. The reports are on file in the Library of Legislative Council.

Children's Information Management Committee

Final Report (pursuant to 19-1-311 (2)(c), CRS).

Colorado Advanced Technology Institute (CATI)

1998 Annual Report - July 1, 1997 to June 30, 1998

Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs

1998 Directory of American Indian Resources

Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority

Annual Financial Statements for year ending September 30, 1998 (pursuant to 23-15-127, CRS).

Colorado Housing and Finance Authority

1998 Report on the utilization of the Waste Tire Fees in the RENEW Loan Program administered by CHFA (pursuant to HB93-1318).

Commuter Airlines

Final Report of the Study of Commuter Airlines (pursuant to HJR98­1038).

Correctional Institution Inspection Committee

Report on the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center

Department of Education

Pilot Program Annual Report (pursuant to 24-50-703, CRS).

Department of Higher Education

Commission on Higher Education:

1998-99 CCHE Report on Tuition and Fees (pursuant to 23-1-108(12), CRS).

Quality Indicator System Report I (pursuant to 23-13-105(5)(a), CRS).

Technology Learning Grant and Revolving Loan Program (pursuant to SB96-197).

Enterprise Activity Report for the State Colleges in Colorado: (pursuant to 24-77-103(7), CRS)

for the fourth quarter of Fiscal Year 1998

for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 1999

Enterprise Activity Report for the University of Northern Colorado for the period of July 1, 1998 through December 31, 1998 (pursuant to 24­77­103(7), CRS).

Department of Health Care Policy & Financing

Annual Savings Report for 1998 (pursuant to 26-4-1137(7) and 26-19-106(1), CRS).

Colorado Children's Basic Health Plan (pursuant to HB98-1401, Footnote 51a).

Colorado Medicaid report on the growth in Home Health (pursuant to HB98-1401, Footnote 44).

Deinstitutionalization Pilot Project Evaluation and Status Report (pursuant to HB98-1401, Footnote 37).

Medical Policy and Benefits - Prosthetic and Orthotic Adult Benefit (pursuant to HB98-1401, Footnote 41, CRS).

Medicaid Dental Program Services Legislative Report (pursuant to HB98-1401, Footnote 45).

Personal Care/Homemaker Services FY98-99 Base Rate Increases (pursuant to HB98-1401, Footnote 40).

Privatization report (pursuant to 26-4-118(1)(a), CRS).

Recommendations for Exemptions to 75% Enrollment in Managed Care (pursuant to 26-4-118(1)(a), CRS).

Department of Human Services

Annual Report regarding the implementation and effectiveness of HB94-1178

Annual Report of the Division of State and Veterans Nursing Homes (pursuant to 26-12-108(1)(c), CRS).

Family Preservation Commission Program Report, FY 1997-98 (pursuant to 26-5.5-104(6), CRS).

Neighbor to Neighbor Program (pursuant to 26-2-601, CRS).

Department of the Interior

Bureau of Land Management: Oil and Gas Leasing and Development Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement January 1999

Department of Labor and Employment

Division of Workers' Compensation: Report providing information for individual employers granted permission to self-insure for workers' compensation (pursuant to Footnote 119, HB98-1401).

Department of Law

Attorney General's Report on Prosecutorial Costs in Capital Cases (pursuant to HB98-1401, Footnotes 122 and 123).

Department of Local Affairs

Mineral Lease and Severance Tax Funds - Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Program

Department of Personnel

General Support Services:

Fiscal Year 1997-98 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (pursuant to 24-30-204, CRS).

Federal Assistance reported by state agencies for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1998 (pursuant to 24-75-212, CRS).

Report on the Progress of the Central Collections Service (pursuant to 24-30-202.4, CRS)

Report on the State's Accounts Receivable (pursuant to 24-30-202.4 (7), CRS).

Department of Public Health and Environment

Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (pursuant to 25-5-1105, CRS).

Colorado Air Quality Control Commission: Motor Vehicle Emissions Adjustment and Repair (pursuant to 42-4-306(6)(c), CRS).

Department of Public Safety

Division of Criminal Justice: Colorado 1999 Statewide Strategy for Drug and Violent Crime Control

Department of Regulatory Agencies

Division of Insurance: Colorado Uninsured Motorists Report (pursuant to HB97-1209).

Office of Policy and Research:

1998 Sunrise Review: (pursuant to 24-34-104.1, CRS).

Naturopathic Physicians

Professional Boxing

1998 Sunset Review: (pursuant to 24-34-104(8)(a), CRS)

Colorado Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators

Colorado Civil  Rights Division and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Colorado Division of Real Estate and the Colorado Real Estate Commission

Colorado Racing Commission and the Colorado Division of Racing Events

Colorado Seed Act and the Seed Advisory Committee

1998 Sunset Review (pursuant to 2-3-1203, CRS).

Colorado Natural Areas Advisory Council

Continuing Education Requirement Advisory Committee

Fire Safety Advisory Board

Law-Related Education Advisory Board

Public Utilities Commission:

Annual Report of the Colorado High Cost Support Mechanism (pursuant to 40-15-208, CRS).

Department of Revenue

Colorado Lottery:

Financial Statements (unaudited) (pursuant to 24-35-204, CRS):

First Quarter ended September 30, 1998;

Third Quarter ended March 31, 1998;

Fiscal Year ended June 30, 1998

Statement of Gaming Revenues Gaming Taxes, and Expenditures (unaudited) for the first (1) month ended July 31, 1998; for the four (4) months ended October 31, 1998 (pursuant to 12-47.1-203(i), CRS)

Statement of Lottery Revenues, Prize Disbursements and Other Expenses (Unaudited) (pursuant to 25-35-204, CRS)

for ten (10) months ended April 30, 1998;

for eleven (11) months ended May 31, 1998;

for one (1) month ended July 31, 1998;

for two (2) months ended August 31, 1998;

for four (4) months ended October 31, 1998

Department of the Treasury

Annual Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1998.

Quarterly Report -

Financial condition as of September 30, 1998

Financial condition as of December 31, 1998

Electricity Advisory Panel

Progress Report (pursuant to SB98-152).

Rocky Mountain Low-Level Radioactive Waste Board

1998 Annual Report

Scientific and Cultural Facilities District

1997/1998 Annual Report


On motion of Representative Dean, the House adjourned until 9:00 a.m., February 12, 1999.






Chief Clerk