1999 House Bills

This information is prepared as an informational service only and should not be relied upon as an official record of action taken by the Colorado General Assembly.

Senate Bills, Senate Resolutions and Memorials

House Bills, House Resolutions and Memorials
Status Sheet Fiscal Note Bill Number Senate Sponsor House Sponsor Bill Titles
Status FN HB99-1001 POWERS MCPHERSON TABOR Refund Of Excess Revenues
Status FN HB99-1002 MUSGRAVE ALEXANDER Sales & Use Tax Exemp For Farm Equip
Status FN HB99-1003 ARNOLD MCELHANY Eliminate Income Tax Marriage Penalty
Status FN HB99-1004 SULLIVANT PLANT Public Education Checkoff Program
Status FN HB99-1005 CHLOUBER LARSON Direct Payment Of Sales & Use Tax
Status FN HB99-1006 OWEN NUNEZ Reduce General Fund Appropriation Limit
Status FN HB99-1007 MUSGRAVE HEFLEY Reduction Of Taxes
Status FN HB99-1008 ANDREWS STENGEL Income Tax Reduction
Status FN HB99-1009 OWEN SULLIVANT Coins & Metal Bullion Tax Exemption
Status FN HB99-1010 POWERS LAWRENCE Authorizing Scratch Lottery Bingo Games
Status FN HB99-1011 LAMBORN LEE Refund Excess State Revenues
Status FN HB99-1012 ANDREWS MCKAY Adjust Res Real Prop Assessment Ratio
Status FN HB99-1013 BLICKENSDERFER SPRADLEY Business Personal Property Tax
Status FN HB99-1014 LAMBORN COLEMAN Magnetic Media Taxpayer Filing Reqs
Status FN HB99-1015 WATTENBERG TAYLOR Vending Machine Sales Tax Exemption
Status FN HB99-1016 WATTENBERG JOHNSON Sales Tax Exemption For Ag Compounds
Status FN HB99-1017 REEVES CHAVEZ Appeals Of Ind Resp Contracts
Status FN HB99-1018 WHAM CLARKE Undocumented Aliens Prenatal Care
Status FN HB99-1019 WHAM MORRISON Colorado Health Care Task Force
Status FN HB99-1020 (NONE) MITCHELL Update Air Pollutant Inventories
Status FN HB99-1021 (NONE) CHAVEZ Sale Of Graffiti Material
Status FN HB99-1022 THIEBAUT GAGLIARDI No Passing In School Zones
Status FN HB99-1023 POWERS MAY Highway Construction Funding
Status FN HB99-1024 ARNOLD SWENSON Private Towing Of Aband Vehicles
Status FN HB99-1025 (NONE) VEIGA Reporting Impaired Drivers
Status FN HB99-1026 EVANS FAIRBANK Motor Vehicle Revocations
Status FN HB99-1027 WHAM SWILLIAMS Criminal Mischief Graffiti Penalty
Status FN HB99-1028 (NONE) GOTLIEB Credit & Debit Card Payments
Status FN HB99-1029 LAMBORN MCELHANY Elim Sales Tax On Phone & Telegraph Serv
Status FN HB99-1030 POWERS ALLEN Increasing Privatization Of RTD Services
Status FN HB99-1031 POWERS SWENSON Highway Project Bid Awards
Status FN HB99-1032 CHLOUBER TOCHTROP Veteran Special Plates For Motorcycles
Status FN HB99-1033 HILLMAN SULLIVANT Protecting Vehicles From Rocks
Status FN HB99-1034 DENNIS SMITH Fund Airport Safety Improvements
Status FN HB99-1035 PERLMUTTER SWILLIAMS Private Operations At Park N Rides
Status FN HB99-1036 WATTENBERG SULLIVANT Hazardous Materials In Eisenhower Tunnel
Status FN HB99-1037 EPPS WINDELS Barring A Student From A Victim's School
Status FN HB99-1038 ANDERSON KING Financial Awards To Excellent Schools
Status FN HB99-1039 HILLMAN CLAPP Prospective School Employees
Status FN HB99-1040 WHAM GOTLIEB School District Retirement Plans
Status FN HB99-1041 DENNIS MILLER BOCES Video Teleconference Meetings
Status FN HB99-1042 HERNANDEZ MACE ADD Screening For Disruptive Children
Status FN HB99-1043 WATTENBERG TOOL CSU Vet Program Fees
Status FN HB99-1044 HILLMAN SPENCE Waivers For School Districts
Status FN HB99-1045 TEBEDO GOTLIEB Identification Of Gifted Students
Status FN HB99-1046 TEBEDO MACE Dropout Prevention Strategies
Status FN HB99-1047 ARNOLD ALLEN Financial Aid At Priv Occ Schools
Status FN HB99-1048 HILLMAN PFIFFNER Gov Delinquency Charge Regulations
Status FN HB99-1049 ARNOLD PASCHALL Applicability Date Of Selection Of IME
Status FN HB99-1050 DENNIS SMITH Water Project Development Process
Status FN HB99-1051 DYER GEORGE Naturopathic Doctor Regulation
Status FN HB99-1052 PHILLIPS RAGSDALE Offer Of Ins Coverage For Breast Pumps
Status FN HB99-1053 DENNIS AMENT Federal Safe Drinking Water Act
Status FN HB99-1054 CHLOUBER GOTLIEB Water Conservation Sunset Dates
Status FN HB99-1055 REEVES TAYLOR Annual Reports Colorado State Fair
Status FN HB99-1056 PHILLIPS BERRY Hazardous Substance Emergency Response
Status FN HB99-1057 TECK LARSON Retention Reqs For Title Ins Docs
Status FN HB99-1058 (NONE) TAPIA Mechanics Lien Preliminary Notice
Status FN HB99-1059 DENNIS SWENSON Abuse Of Property Insurance
Status FN HB99-1060 (NONE) ALLEN Owners Pay For Utility Line Location
Status FN HB99-1061 DENNIS TWILLIAMS Unemployment Benefits
Status FN HB99-1062 REEVES BERRY Increased FPPA Total Disability Benefits
Status FN HB99-1063 TEBEDO DEAN Remarriage Penalty For Survivor Benefits
Status FN HB99-1064 (NONE) CLARKE Environmental Justice
Status FN HB99-1065 ANDREWS SINCLAIR Club Liquor Licensees
Status FN HB99-1066 NICHOL VIGIL Interest On Mortgage Escrow Accounts
Status FN HB99-1067 REEVES WEBSTER City & County Housing Authorities
Status FN HB99-1068 DENNIS KESTER Community Corrections Escapees
Status FN HB99-1069 (NONE) CLARKE Voluntary Dismissal From Jury Service
Status FN HB99-1070 REEVES LEYBA Second Deg Sexual Assault
Status FN HB99-1071 BLICKENSDERFER WITWER Immunity For Volunteer Doctors
Status FN HB99-1072 BLICKENSDERFER MCPHERSON Employer Protection In Reference Checks
Status FN HB99-1073 BLICKENSDERFER GORDON Division Of PERA In Dom Rel Cases
Status FN HB99-1074 RUPERT TATE Hate Crimes
Status FN HB99-1075 EPPS KAUFMAN Bail Bonding By Compensated Sureties
Status FN HB99-1076 POWERS PFIFFNER Select State Personnel System Employees
Status FN HB99-1077 REEVES TAYLOR Risk Management Pilot Program
Status FN HB99-1078 POWERS LEYBA Length Of Personal Services Contracts
Status FN HB99-1079 TEBEDO HAGEDORN Requirements For Digital Signatures
Status FN HB99-1080 EPPS SMITH PERA Purchase Of Service Credit
Status FN HB99-1081 PHILLIPS ZIMMERMAN Electronic Access To Public Information
Status FN HB99-1082 MARTINEZ TAKIS Notification Of Electors
Status FN HB99-1083 REEVES SALIMAN Mobile Home Owner Eviction Notice
Status FN HB99-1084 REEVES BERRY Modify Ballot Certification Procedures
Status FN HB99-1085 ANDERSON LAWRENCE Medicaid Asset Test For Kids
Status FN HB99-1086 WHAM LARSON Display Of Health Care Credentials
Status FN HB99-1087 EVANS DECKER Methamphetamine Precursors
Status FN HB99-1088 MATSUNAKA MORRISON Medically Necessary Care
Status FN HB99-1089 RUPERT PASCHALL Cash Assistance Under Colo Works
Status FN HB99-1090 WHAM KELLER Protection From Restraint
Status FN HB99-1091 LINKHART HAGEDORN Individuals Excluded From Colorado Works
Status FN HB99-1092 PHILLIPS DEAN CSP Reimbursements To HUTF
Status FN HB99-1093 ANDERSON LAWRENCE Funds For Children's Basic Health Plan
Status FN HB99-1094 ARNOLD GROSSMAN Aggravated Juvenile Offenders
Status FN HB99-1095 ARNOLD TUPA Criminalizing Use Of Date Rape Drugs
Status FN HB99-1096 REEVES BACON Probationary Teachers Employment
Status FN HB99-1097 BLICKENSDERFER DEAN Special Election For General Assembly
Status FN HB99-1098 LAMBORN SPRADLEY Income Tax Reduction
Status FN HB99-1099 BLICKENSDERFER SULLIVANT Municipal Incorporation Priority
Status FN HB99-1100 DENNIS TAPIA Resident Bidder Bid Preference
Status FN HB99-1101 (NONE) MCELHANY Use Of Certified Scales For Overloads
Status FN HB99-1102 TECK YOUNG Public/Private Coordinate Telecom
Status FN HB99-1103 (NONE) BACON Require Helmets For Young Bike Riders
Status FN HB99-1104 GRAMPSAS SULLIVANT Detox Ctrs In Ltd Gaming Areas
Status FN HB99-1105 ARNOLD BERRY Work Comp TTD Criteria
Status FN HB99-1106 WATTENBERG GROSSMAN Enactment of 1998 C.R.S.
Status FN HB99-1107 HILLMAN SWENSON Work Comp Permanent Disability
Status FN HB99-1108 WATTENBERG MILLER Permanent Extension Exemption Re Coal
Status FN HB99-1109 HILLMAN KESTER Chiropractic Nutritnl Remedial Measures
Status FN HB99-1110 THIEBAUT FAIRBANK Fair Campaign Practices Act
Status FN HB99-1111 CHLOUBER ALEXANDER Captive Wildlife & Alt Livestock Bd
Status FN HB99-1112 (NONE) KELLER Guaranteed Medicaid Eligibility
Status FN HB99-1113 ARNOLD DEAN Charter School Funding
Status FN HB99-1114 DENNIS SPRADLEY Railroad Crossing Project Cap
Status FN HB99-1115 WHAM KAUFMAN Domestic Violence
Status FN HB99-1116 ARNOLD KELLER Services For Mentally Ill Children
Status FN HB99-1117 HILLMAN MCKAY Pest Control Act
Status FN HB99-1118 TECK JOHNSON Hepatitis C Program
Status FN HB99-1119 ANDREWS STENGEL Immunity For Foster Parents
Status FN HB99-1120 (NONE) PLANT Environmental Protection Tax Incentives
Status FN HB99-1121 (NONE) MCKAY Bar Felons From Being Peace Officers
Status FN HB99-1122 CHLOUBER WEBSTER Municipal Regulation Of Businesses
Status FN HB99-1123 CHLOUBER WEBSTER Water Conservancy District Boundaries
Status FN HB99-1124 TECK SWENSON Sales & Use Tax Exemption Inventories
Status FN HB99-1125 TECK SWENSON Foreign Source Income Adjustment
Status FN HB99-1126 BLICKENSDERFER KAUFMAN Colorado Cultural Trust Fund
Status FN HB99-1127 POWERS GOTLIEB Credit Card Payments To Govt Entities
Status FN HB99-1128 (NONE) JOHNSON Subordinate Officers Of Sheriffs
Status FN HB99-1129 (NONE) MCELHANY Independent Medical Examiners' Findings
Status FN HB99-1130 MATSUNAKA VEIGA Low Income Auto Insurance
Status FN HB99-1131 (NONE) HEFLEY Tax Credit For Language Training Expense
Status FN HB99-1132 HILLMAN YOUNG Commercial Feed Law
Status FN HB99-1133 OWEN MCELHANY Commercial-Line Property & Casualty Ins
Status FN HB99-1134 WATTENBERG HAGEDORN Underground Conv Of Public Utilities
Status FN HB99-1135 (NONE) CLAPP District Admin Cuts Equal Teacher Cuts
Status FN HB99-1136 (NONE) TUPA Y2K Problems
Status FN HB99-1137 BLICKENSDERFER TAYLOR Personal Income Tax Modifications
Status FN HB99-1138 THIEBAUT LEYBA Ent Zone Creds & Unfair Labor Practices
Status FN HB99-1139 (NONE) GROSSMAN Income Tax Modif If Excess Revenues
Status FN HB99-1140 CHLOUBER HAGEDORN Sales Tax Refund For Film Production
Status FN HB99-1141 OWEN TWILLIAMS Repeal Insurance Producer Appointments
Status FN HB99-1142 (NONE) WINDELS Nonpartisan Elections For Bd Of Ed
Status FN HB99-1143 MUSGRAVE LAWRENCE Health Insurance
Status FN HB99-1144 FEELEY BACON Presidential Primary By Mail Ballot
Status FN HB99-1145 ANDERSON TAYLOR Local Plumbing Inspection & Permitting
Status FN HB99-1146 WHAM KELLER Adoption & Safe Families
Status FN HB99-1147 ANDREWS MITCHELL Vacancies On State Bd Of Education
Status FN HB99-1148 (NONE) TOOL Nomination Of Party Candidates
Status FN HB99-1149 WATTENBERG WINDELS Reduce DOT Plat Filing Dimensions
Status FN HB99-1150 HERNANDEZ COLEMAN Denver School Board Districts
Status FN HB99-1151 LAMBORN SINCLAIR Increase Income Tax Pension Exclusion
Status FN HB99-1152 NICHOL TAKIS Clarification Of Affiliation Reqts
Status FN HB99-1153 PHILLIPS TATE Colorado Employment Discrimination Laws
Status FN HB99-1154 DENNIS YOUNG Tax Credit For Estate Tax On Ag Assets
Status FN HB99-1155 OWEN SPRADLEY Conservation Easement Tax Credit
Status FN HB99-1156 ANDREWS LEE Restorative Justice For Jv Justice Systm
Status FN HB99-1157 OWEN AMENT Work Comp Exclusive Schedule For PPD
Status FN HB99-1158 REEVES MORRISON Minor Driver's License
Status FN HB99-1159 TEBEDO BERRY City & County Improvement Districts
Status FN HB99-1160 DYER FAIRBANK Canvass Of Elections
Status FN HB99-1161 (NONE) MCELHANY Olympic License Plate Vol Special Dues
Status FN HB99-1162 ARNOLD LAWRENCE Criminal Procedure Changes
Status FN HB99-1163 PERLMUTTER KAUFMAN Rule Review Bill
Status FN HB99-1164 LACY DEAN Reporting Inmates Benefits Fraud
Status FN HB99-1165 DYER KAUFMAN Monitoring Diesel Fuel Fraud
Status FN HB99-1166 WHAM TOCHTROP Personal Needs Funding In Nursing Facil
Status FN HB99-1167 ANDREWS CLAPP Employment Of Teachers
Status FN HB99-1168 WHAM KAUFMAN Substantive Criminal Law Changes
Status FN HB99-1169 EPPS DECKER Local Govt Limits On Concealed Weapons
Status FN HB99-1170 (NONE) TAPIA Colorado Preschool Program
Status FN HB99-1171 TECK DECKER Election Of School District Directors
Status FN HB99-1172 WHAM TOOL Evidentiary Issues In Criminal Cases
Status FN HB99-1173 PERLMUTTER VEIGA Ed Requiremnts For Youthful Offenders
Status FN HB99-1174 LAMBORN MORRISON State Operated Prevention Programs
Status FN HB99-1175 PERLMUTTER KAUFMAN Colo Probate Code Changes
Status FN HB99-1176 CHLOUBER SPENCE Delegate Higher Ed Personnel Matters
Status FN HB99-1177 (NONE) ZIMMERMAN Limits On Tax Incentives
Status FN HB99-1178 MUSGRAVE LEE Front Motor Vehicle License Plates
Status FN HB99-1179 DENNIS KESTER Allow Dept Of Rev To Make License Tabs
Status FN HB99-1180 BLICKENSDERFER CHAVEZ Open Alcoholic Beverage Container Law
Status FN HB99-1181 DENNIS PLANT Emissions Reqts For Government Vehicles
Status FN HB99-1182 LAMBORN KING Motor Vehicle Registration Fees
Status FN HB99-1183 (NONE) WITWER Reasonableness Of Exec Branch Rules
Status FN HB99-1184 (NONE) WITWER Confidentiality Of Medical Information
Status FN HB99-1185 (NONE) SULLIVANT Colorado Responsible Growth Act
Status FN HB99-1186 ARNOLD SWILLIAMS Voluntary Child Care Credentialing
Status FN HB99-1187 DENNIS JOHNSON Bingo Regulation
Status FN HB99-1188 LINKHART COLEMAN Adoption Procedures
Status FN HB99-1189 ANDREWS MAY Collection Of Political Funds
Status FN HB99-1190 BLICKENSDERFER TWILLIAMS Fin Svc Providers Ltd Liability
Status FN HB99-1191 MATSUNAKA SMITH Inspection Of Public Records
Status FN HB99-1192 ANDERSON STENGEL Property Rights
Status FN HB99-1193 (NONE) SALIMAN Air Pollution Permit Modifications
Status FN HB99-1194 BLICKENSDERFER PFIFFNER State Personnel System
Status FN HB99-1195 OWEN PFIFFNER Governmental Efficiency
Status FN HB99-1196 PERLMUTTER TATE Reductions In Corrections Expenditures
Status FN HB99-1197 EPPS GROSSMAN Managed Care Org Health Care Decisions
Status FN HB99-1198 TEBEDO SINCLAIR Strengthening Financial Svcs Division
Status FN HB99-1199 LAMBORN PASCHALL Covenant Marriages
Status FN HB99-1200 ARNOLD SWILLIAMS Reporting CSAP Achievement Levels
Status FN HB99-1201 EPPS KING Insurance Guaranty Assoc
Status FN HB99-1202 TECK ALEXANDER Apple Marketing Order Effectiveness
Status FN HB99-1203 EPPS HEFLEY Drug-testing In Colorado Works Program
Status FN HB99-1204 ANDERSON PASCHALL Civil Restraining Orders
Status FN HB99-1205 (NONE) GORDON Open Space Donation Tax Credit
Status FN HB99-1206 POWERS MAY Sales And Use Tax For HUTF
Status FN HB99-1207 LAMBORN MCPHERSON Reduce State Income Tax Rate
Status FN HB99-1208 REEVES GORDON Nonsettling Tobacco Manufacturers
Status FN HB99-1209 ANDERSON ALLEN School Finance
Status FN HB99-1210 TEBEDO GOTLIEB Services For At Risk Gifted Students
Status FN HB99-1211 PHILLIPS KAUFMAN Additional County Court Judges
Status FN HB99-1212 ARNOLD GOTLIEB Mandatory Use Of Safety Belts
Status FN HB99-1213 FEELEY SPRADLEY Extend Voluntary Clean-up Act
Status FN HB99-1214 WHAM LAWRENCE Statewide Trauma Care System
Status FN HB99-1215 DYER LARSON Sale Of Alcohol Bevs By Common Carriers
Status FN HB99-1216 PERLMUTTER DECKER Prohibiting The Sale Of Export Tobacco
Status FN HB99-1217 CHLOUBER MILLER Reciprocal Electrical Licensing
Status FN HB99-1218 FEELEY MACE Kinship & Custodial Adoptions
Status FN HB99-1219 DYER ALEXANDER Parks Acquire Montrose County Land
Status FN HB99-1220 ARNOLD SWENSON License Suspensions For Court Warrants
Status FN HB99-1221 (NONE) SULLIVANT Recording Child Abuse Interviews
Status FN HB99-1222 MUSGRAVE YOUNG Denver Basin Aquifer Well Pumping
Status FN HB99-1223 WHAM LAWRENCE Employment With Vulnerable Persons
Status FN HB99-1224 FEELEY COLEMAN Information Technology Access For Blind
Status FN HB99-1225 WATTENBERG LEYBA Primary Election Candidate Designation
Status FN HB99-1226 LAMBORN KAUFMAN Damages In Wrongful Death Cases
Status FN HB99-1227 DENNIS TAPIA Definition Of Res Child Care Facilities
Status FN HB99-1228 REEVES JOHNSON Limits On Access To Animals' Vet Records
Status FN HB99-1229 WATTENBERG JOHNSON Reintroduction Of Endangered Species
Status FN HB99-1230 (NONE) SULLIVANT False Child Abuse Allegations
Status FN HB99-1231 PERLMUTTER SWENSON No-fault Med Benefit Limitation Period
Status FN HB99-1232 CHLOUBER SWILLIAMS Class Composition Data Collection
Status FN HB99-1233 WATTENBERG MILLER Extend Local Severance Tax Safety Net
Status FN HB99-1234 PERLMUTTER MACE Additions To Domestic Temp Injunction
Status FN HB99-1235 WHAM VEIGA DNA Testing Of All Convicts
Status FN HB99-1236 FEELEY CHAVEZ Repeal Of The Dead Man's Statute
Status FN HB99-1237 ANDREWS PFIFFNER Elim State Income Tax On Capital Gains
Status FN HB99-1238 OWEN MCELHANY Medicaid Contributory Negligence
Status FN HB99-1239 BLICKENSDERFER VEIGA Permissible Use And No-fault Ins Laws
Status FN HB99-1240 LAMBORN PFIFFNER Income Tax Rate Reduction
Status FN HB99-1241 (NONE) FAIRBANK Require Report Of At-Risk Adult Abuse
Status FN HB99-1242 CHLOUBER CHAVEZ Inspecting Public Records
Status FN HB99-1243 DYER CLAPP PIP Examination Review Panels
Status FN HB99-1244 TECK LEE Mod Real Prop Comp Value Data Period
Status FN HB99-1245 TANNER LEYBA Discrimination On Basis Sex Orientation
Status FN HB99-1246 OWEN TATE Long Term Care Insurance Tax Credit
Status FN HB99-1247 EPPS SINCLAIR Imposition Of Use Tax By Local Govts
Status FN HB99-1248 (NONE) TOOL Create Colorado Election Commission
Status FN HB99-1249 WATTENBERG SPRADLEY Severance Tax Modifications
Status FN HB99-1250 EPPS JOHNSON Health Insurance Prompt Payment
Status FN HB99-1251 ARNOLD SWILLIAMS Voluntary Child Care Credentialing
Status FN HB99-1252 TEBEDO HEFLEY Youth Challenge Corps Program
Status FN HB99-1253 LAMBORN MITCHELL Juvenile Statements In Custody
Status FN HB99-1254 PERLMUTTER SWENSON Collecting Restitution
Status FN HB99-1255 (NONE) STENGEL Eligibility For Old Age Pension
Status FN HB99-1256 SULLIVANT SWENSON County Enforcement Traffic Offenses
Status FN HB99-1257 ANDERSON LAWRENCE Teacher Development Standards-based Ed
Status FN HB99-1258 (NONE) ZIMMERMAN Local Govt Employee Protection Act
Status FN HB99-1259 LAMBORN KAUFMAN Certificate Of Limited Partnership
Status FN HB99-1260 ANDERSON TOOL Sex Offenders
Status FN HB99-1261 PERLMUTTER TATE Correct Underutilization In State Hiring
Status FN HB99-1262 PASCOE COLEMAN Educating Work Force 2000 Program
Status FN HB99-1263 OWEN MAY Right To Work
Status FN HB99-1264 (NONE) MCPHERSON State Earned Income Tax Credit
Status FN HB99-1265 DYER SINCLAIR County Restrict Graffiti By Juveniles
Status FN HB99-1266 LACY MCELHANY Exemptions From State Sales & Use Tax
Status FN HB99-1267 TECK SMITH Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action
Status FN HB99-1268 EVANS DECKER Special District Elections
Status FN HB99-1269 OWEN KING Reduce Comp Benefits False Statements
Status FN HB99-1270 MUSGRAVE SPRADLEY Reqs For Manufactured Home Sellers
Status FN HB99-1271 EVANS SULLIVANT Alt Fuels Tax Exemption Credit & Rebate
Status FN HB99-1272 ANDERSON GOTLIEB Repeal Transp Legis Rev Committee
Status FN HB99-1273 EPPS WITWER Health Cov Benefits As Practice Of Med
Status FN HB99-1274 ANDREWS KING Charter School Provisions
Status FN HB99-1275 EPPS FAIRBANK Operating Requirements Of HMOs
Status FN HB99-1276 ANDERSON TWILLIAMS Blue Ribbon Fiscal Policy Study
Status FN HB99-1277 RUPERT GROSSMAN Mandatory Disclosure Forfeiture Policies
Status FN HB99-1278 LAMBORN TWILLIAMS Administrative Hearing Procedures
Status FN HB99-1279 DENNIS HAGEDORN Persistent Drunk Drivers
Status FN HB99-1280 LAMBORN MCPHERSON Investment Recovery Act
Status FN HB99-1281 TECK MCKAY Incentives For Experienced Child Care
Status FN HB99-1282 (NONE) MCKAY Reports Of County Financial Information
Status FN HB99-1283 BLICKENSDERFER SPENCE Defibrillator Immunity
Status FN HB99-1284 EVANS SPENCE Elim State Engineer Border Dispute Comp
Status FN HB99-1285 ANDREWS LEE Make School Director Elections Partisan
Status FN HB99-1286 (NONE) GORDON Ground Water Quality Process
Status FN HB99-1287 MUSGRAVE YOUNG Reimbursement Of Utility Relocation
Status FN HB99-1288 OWEN DEAN College Savings Program
Status FN HB99-1289 ANDREWS BERRY Higher Ed Study
Status FN HB99-1290 EVANS KAUFMAN Limits On Breach of Fid Duty Cases
Status FN HB99-1291 (NONE) YOUNG Tax Credit Health Care Shortage Areas
Status FN HB99-1292 TECK SWENSON TABOR Refund By Property Tax Reduction
Status FN HB99-1293 LAMBORN MCELHANY Bulk Electronic Transfer Of DMV Records
Status FN HB99-1294 LACY RAGSDALE New District Area Petition Or Election
Status FN HB99-1295 BLICKENSDERFER TWILLIAMS Civil Liability Re Y2K
Status FN HB99-1296 (NONE) HAGEDORN Conduct For Persons Involved With Govt
Status FN HB99-1297 (NONE) PASCHALL Mobile Source Air Pollution Programs
Status FN HB99-1298 (NONE) GORDON Parenting Coordinators
Status FN HB99-1299 EVANS HEFLEY Perm Adoptive Homes For Co Dept Children
Status FN HB99-1300 PERLMUTTER SMITH Manufactured Housing Toll-free Number
Status FN HB99-1301 OWEN MITCHELL Prohibit Mandatory Pro Bono Service
Status FN HB99-1302 EPPS TUPA Body Art Standards
Status FN HB99-1303 (NONE) TUPA Alteration Of Reclamation Plans
Status FN HB99-1304 WHAM GROSSMAN Strengthening Burglary
Status FN HB99-1305 DENNIS MCPHERSON Standardization Of Firearms Regs
Status FN HB99-1306 WHAM MORRISON Independent Health Insurance Review
Status FN HB99-1307 FEELEY VIGIL Home & Comm Based Svcs For Brain Injury
Status FN HB99-1308 HILLMAN ALLEN Teacher Licensure & Immunity
Status FN HB99-1309 LAMBORN HEFLEY Reinstate Prison Chaplain Program
Status FN HB99-1310 OWEN MCELHANY Exempt Commercial Policyholders
Status FN HB99-1311 OWEN SPRADLEY TABOR Refund Based On Personal Prop Tax
Status FN HB99-1312 OWEN MCELHANY Electrician Apprentice Ratio
Status FN HB99-1313 TECK ALEXANDER Wildlife Commission Operation
Status FN HB99-1314 BLICKENSDERFER DEAN Legislative Branch Administration
Status FN HB99-1315 DYER SINCLAIR World War II Memorial Tax Checkoff
Status FN HB99-1316 CHLOUBER DEAN Concealed Handgun Permits
Status FN HB99-1317 CHLOUBER SPRADLEY Inspector General & Investigators Of DOC
Status FN HB99-1318 WATTENBERG HOPPE Agriculture Commissioner Member Of CWCB
Status FN HB99-1319 WATTENBERG HOPPE Livestock Designated Diseases
Status FN HB99-1320 TECK ALEXANDER Sale Of Wine By Licensees
Status FN HB99-1321 LACY SWENSON Biotechnology Sales & Use Tax Exemption
Status FN HB99-1322 WATTENBERG HOPPE State Patrol Toll-free Service
Status FN HB99-1323 LACY PASCHALL Unrefunded TABOR Excess Revenues
Status FN HB99-1324 POWERS GEORGE Design Build Contracting By CDOT
Status FN HB99-1325 POWERS GEORGE Transportation RANs
Status FN HB99-1326 OWEN MCELHANY Urban Renewal
Status FN HB99-1327 PERLMUTTER SWILLIAMS Codevelopment Of Transfer Facilities
Status FN HB99-1328 TECK GEORGE Local Government Growth Assistance
Status FN HB99-1329 LACY DEAN Regulation Of Bail Bonding Agents
Status FN HB99-1330 PASCOE MITCHELL Air Quality SIP Rule Approval
Status FN HB99-1331 CHLOUBER HEFLEY Tax Exemption For Printed Materials
Status FN HB99-1332 BLICKENSDERFER TAYLOR Tuition Assistance For Colo Nat'l Guard
Status FN HB99-1333 EPPS ALEXANDER Create Western Slope State Vets Cemetery
Status FN HB99-1334 LACY ALLEN Exemption Of Forfeited Recognizance Bond
Status FN HB99-1335 LACY SWENSON Financial Incentives For Biotechnology
Status FN HB99-1336 EVANS SCOTT Maturity Date Certain Pub Funds
Status FN HB99-1337 TECK HAGEDORN Electronic Transactions
Status FN HB99-1338 DENNIS TOOL Auxiliary Facility Enterprise Financing
Status FN HB99-1339 TECK PFIFFNER Entities For Children Prop Tax Exempt
Status FN HB99-1340 SULLIVANT WITWER Study Of Nonionizing Radiation
Status FN HB99-1341 PERLMUTTER KAUFMAN Uniform Child-custody Jurisdiction Act
Status FN HB99-1342 WATTENBERG KAUFMAN Notification Of Financial Relationships
Status FN HB99-1343 (NONE) KAUFMAN Oil & Gas Conservation Comm Service
Status FN HB99-1344 TECK KING Interest On Life Insurance Proceeds
Status FN HB99-1345 ANDERSON SPRADLEY Tax Credit For Historic Preservation
Status FN HB99-1346 LACY TOOL Community Food Distribution
Status FN HB99-1347 (NONE) SMITH Registration Of Manufactured Housing
Status FN HB99-1348 TECK MAY Comm & Info Technology Committee
Status FN HB99-1349 TECK GEORGE Architect's License Number Use
Status FN HB99-1350 BLICKENSDERFER MCPHERSON Public Defender Conflicts Of Interest
Status FN HB99-1351 TECK MITCHELL Regional Haze Pollution
Status FN HB99-1352 MUSGRAVE HOPPE Discriminatory Pharmacy Copayments
Status FN HB99-1353 WHAM GOTLIEB Out-of-state Offender Notification
Status FN HB99-1354 OWEN SINCLAIR Contrib World War II Memorial
Status FN HB99-1355 DENNIS TAYLOR Nonresident Off-highway Vehicle Permits
Status FN HB99-1356 BLICKENSDERFER SMITH Permanent Absentee Voter Status
Status FN HB99-1357 BLICKENSDERFER GEORGE Individual Development Account Program
Status FN HB99-1358 LACY TAYLOR State Lottery Regulation
Status FN HB99-1359 LACY ALLEN CATI Abolished Trans Functions To CCHE
Status FN HB99-1360 WHAM GROSSMAN Revisor's Bill
Status FN HB99-1361 HILLMAN KESTER Credit Transactions And Credit Insurance
Status FN HB99-1362 FEELEY COLEMAN Information Technology Access For Blind
Status FN HB99-1363 BLICKENSDERFER TAYLOR Regulation Of Telecommunication Service
Status FN HB99-1364 SULLIVANT DEAN Photo Radar Devices
Status FN HB99-1365 (NONE) KAUFMAN Securities Fraud Privity Of Contract
Status FN HB99-1366 ARNOLD LARSON Bolstering Child Safety
Status FN HB99-1367 MUSGRAVE YOUNG Size Factor For Deconsolidated Districts
Status FN HB99-1368 ANDERSON SPRADLEY Real Estate Title Incentives
Status FN HB99-1369 LACY SCOTT State Pension Obligation Notes
Status FN HB99-1370 ARNOLD LARSON Add Vehicle Color To DMV Records
Status FN HB99-1371 OWEN TWILLIAMS Business Group Of One Health Plans
Status FN HB99-1372 LACY MAY Innovation & Technology Office
Status FN HB99-1373 LACY TOOL Family Planning Pilot Program
Status FN HB99-1374 LACY BERRY Affiliates Of Child Care Licensees
Status FN HB99-1375 ANDERSON KING John Irwin Excellent Schools Program
Status FN HB99-1376 OWEN SINCLAIR Comply With Selective Service Rqrmnts
Status FN HB99-1377 FEELEY PLANT Sales & Use Tax Exempt For Veterans' Org
Status FN HB99-1378 HERNANDEZ VIGIL Statewide Assessment Of LEP Students
Status FN HB99-1379 (NONE) DECKER Prohibition Of Firearms Straw Purchasers
Status FN HB99-1380 WATTENBERG JOHNSON Hunting & Fishing Licenses For Youths
Status FN HB99-1381 WATTENBERG YOUNG Sales Tax Exemption For Ag Compounds
Status FN HB99-1382 ANDERSON YOUNG Rail Project Negotiations
Status FN HB99-1383 LACY MCPHERSON Earned Income Tax Credit
Status FN HB99-1384 LACY SPRADLEY Control Of Odor Emissions
Status FN HB99-1385 TEBEDO HEFLEY At-risk Youth Program

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