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LLS 99-0922

Sen. Anderson

. (None)


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Fiscal Analyst:

April 8, 1999

Senate SVMA

Scott Nachtrieb (303-866-4752)



Summary of Assessment

            The bill would allow the appropriate state, county, or district political party vacancy committee to fill a party nomination that is vacated after the Primary Election and between 18 and 61 days before the General Election. The designated election official would be required to publish a notice of the replacement nomination if practical and provide election judges a colored sticker indicating the name of the person selected for the sample ballot.

            Any vacancy which would occur less than 18 days before the General Election would not be filled before the General Election. The votes cast at the General Election for the person who caused the vacancy would be counted and recorded. If the vacating candidate received a plurality of the votes cast, the vacancy would be filled by the respective party vacancy committee under current law.

The bill would also provide a two-day waiting period before the Secretary of State could certify the name of a person selected to fill a General Assembly vacancy.

            The bill would require a notice of the replacement nomination be printed in a newspaper of general circulation, if practical, and that a colored sticker be provided to election judges for sample ballots. These two provisions would create a minimal fiscal impact to election officials. However, the amount of the impact has been estimated to be insignificant. Therefore, this bill is assessed as having no fiscal impact.

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            Secretary of State