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(Replaces fiscal impact dated February 5, 1999)

Drafting Number:

Prime Sponsor(s):

LLS 99-0662

Sen. Tanner


Bill Status:

Fiscal Analyst:

February 19, 1999

Senate Appropriations

Kirk Mlinek (303-866-4784)



Fiscal Impact Summary

FY 1999/2000

FY 2000/2001

State Revenues

General Fund



State Expenditures

General Fund



FTE Position Change

0.0 FTE

0.0 FTE

Other State Impact: None.

Effective Date: July 1, 1999

Appropriation Summary for FY 1999-2000:

 $381,309 and 0.0 FTE General Fund to the Judicial Department

Local Government Impact: None.

Purpose of Revised Fiscal Note

            The bill was not amended by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This revised fiscal note corrects an error in the fiscal note prepared on the printed bill that had the effect of overstating the fiscal impact of the legislation by $48,364.

Summary of Legislation

            The bill increases, from 15 cents per mile to the same base mileage allowance as provided for state officers and employees under Section 24-9-104, C.R.S., the reimbursement for jurors and witnesses to the place named in the subpoena or summons. The current allowable amount for state officers and employees is 28 cents per mile. The bill also allows for payment of a juror's or witness' round trip mileage, rather than just one-way mileage, as allowed in current statute.

State Expenditures

            The Judicial Branch currently pays mileage one way for a person to respond to a subpoena or summons. A five-year average indicates that the judiciary reimburses approximately 126,327 miles of travel to jurors each year and 803,700 miles of travel to witnesses each year. Increasing the per mile rate by 13 cents, from 15 cents to 28 cents, would increase costs approximately $120,903 General Fund. (The original fiscal note attributed $136,238 to the $0.13 increase; however, that number was based on witness miles that included persons from out-of-state. The mileage allowance for witnesses from out-of-state is set in Section 16-9-203, C.R.S., and is not affected by this bill.)

            Reimbursement for round trip travel would increase General Fund expenditures by another $260,406 (The original fiscal note incorrectly reported the effect of the round trip at $293,435.) The combination of the 15 cent increase and allowing payment of one's round trip mileage would increase annual General Fund expenditures by a total of $381,309 starting in FY 1999-00.

State Appropriations

            This fiscal note implies that the Judicial Branch would require a General Fund appropriation of $381,309 in FY 1999-00 to implement the provisions of the bill.

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