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Drafting Number:

Prime Sponsor(s):

LLS 99-0749

Rep. Mitchell

Sen. Teck


Bill Status:

Fiscal Analyst:

March 23, 1999

House HEWI

Scott Nachtrieb (303-866-4752)



Fiscal Impact Summary

FY 1999/2000

FY 2000/2001

State Revenues

General Fund



State Expenditures

Cash Fund



FTE Position Change

0.2 FTE

0.3 FTE

Other State Impact: None

Effective Date: Upon the Governor’s signature

Appropriation Summary for FY 1999-2000: $14,702 CF and 0.2 FTE - Department of Public Health and Environment

Local Government Impact: None


Summary of Legislation

            The bill would require the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) in the Department of Public Health and Environment (DPHE) to conduct rule-making hearings before December 31, 2002, to approve emission inventory updates from state and federal activities on public lands affecting visibility in federal class I wilderness areas. The rules would be updated at least every five years thereafter and contain data that has been developed within the preceding three years as long as the data is no more than five years old. The updated inventories would be included in the State Implementation Plan (SIP). The public rule-making hearings would include emission inventories from stationary sources, off-highway mobile sources, paved and unpaved roads, fires, and biogenic sources. The Commission would be required to eliminate sources of minor significance. The federal government would provide the emission inventories relating to federal lands and their costs may be reduced by offsets from air pollutant emission notices (APEN) fees. 

State Expenditures

            The bill would require the AQCC to conduct rule making hearings and update the inventory prior to December 31, 2002. The AQCC would conduct the rule making over a three-year period. In FY 1999-00, the AQCC would conduct a hearing to determine the format for the emissions inventory reports and the rules to be used during the process. The rule making hearings would be divided into two hearings, one for state sources in FY 1999-00 and a second in FY 2000-01 for federal sources. The estimated hours for developing the rules and conducting the hearing are estimated to be 500 and 600, respectively. This would require 0.2 FTE and $14,702 CF in FY 1999-00 and 0.3 FTE and $16,630 CF in FY 2000-01.

            The AQCC would then update the emissions inventory for state agencies in FY 2001-02 at a cost of approximately 1,262 hours and another 143 would be required to conduct a hearing to adopt the inventory. The total workload increase in FY 2001-02 is estimated to be 0.7 FTE and $36,908 CF. To maintain the inventory on an annual basis and ensure the inventory data is kept within the bill’s required five year period, an additional 300 hours per year would be devoted to updating the state’s inventory. The annual ongoing cost after FY 2001-02 would be 0.3 FTE and $17,369.

State Appropriations

            This fiscal note implies that the Department of Public Health and Environment would require a cash fund appropriation from the Stationary Sources Control Fund of $14,702 and of 0.2 FTE in FY 1999-00 to implement this bill.

Departments Contacted

Public Health and Environment