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(replaces fiscal impact dated January 30, 1999)

Drafting Number:

Prime Sponsor(s):

LLS 99-0140

Rep. Berry

Sen. Andrews


Bill Status:

Fiscal Analyst:

April 15, 1999

Senate Appropriations

Harry Zeid (866-4753)



Fiscal Impact Summary

FY 1999/2000

FY 2000/2001

State Revenues

General Fund



State Expenditures

General Fund



FTE Position Change

0.0 FTE

0.0 FTE

Other State Impact: None

Effective Date: Upon signature of the Governor

Appropriation Summary for FY 1999-2000:

Department of Higher Education - $200,000 General Fund

Local Government Impact: None

Summary of Legislation

            This bill, as amended in the Senate Education Committee, instructs the Department of Higher Education to conduct a two-year study of the state system of higher education. The purpose of the study would be to reexamine higher education performance in the state and to determine whether changes and improvements may be made in the delivery of higher education services to more effectively serve Colorado’s citizens.

            The Department of Higher Education would seek input through public meetings and other means from the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE), the governing boards of the institutions of higher education, the state institutions of higher education, nonpublic institutions of higher education, and from businesses, community organizations, students, and members of the public. A joint meeting would be held before July 1, 1999, with the Joint Budget Committee and the Education Committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate to discuss plans for the study.

            The study is broken into two parts. Specific information to be collected and identified in each part of the study, and the types of recommendations anticipated from each study part are identified in the bill. The bill requires the Department of Higher Education to contract with a private entity for assistance in conducting the second study.

State Expenditures

            CCHE is requesting $200,000 GF to fund contracts with a private entity. This appropriation would cover the cost of providing payment for the assistance in conducting the study and preparing the second report, as well as any private assistance in providing the data required for the first report. Personnel costs and other administrative support for the study on the part of CCHE staff and the staff of each institution of higher education will be conducted within current resources and budget priorities.

State Appropriations

            The fiscal note implies that the Department of Higher Education requires a General Fund appropriation of $200,000 in FY 1999-00 to implement the bill.

Departments Contacted

            Colorado Commission on Higher Education