Colorado Legislative Council Staff


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Prime Sponsor(s):

LLS 99-0320

Rep. Williams T.


Bill Status:

Fiscal Analyst:

December 29, 1998

House Business Affairs

Will Meyer (303-866-4976)



Summary of Assessment

            This bill amends the eligibility requirements for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. UI benefits are administered by the Division of Employment and Training, Department of Labor and Employment. The bill would restrict the eligibility for unemployment benefits by:


               requiring a UI claimant to comply with provisions established by the division for written medical statements issued by a licensed practicing physician on any matters related to health;

               specifying that an employer would not be chargeable for unemployment insurance benefits paid because an employee quits a job for compelling personal reasons not attributable to the employment;

               requiring a UI claimant who quits a job because of domestic violence to meet certain requirements for a determination for a full award, chargeable to the fund and not the employer;

               specifying that an employer would not be chargeable for benefits if an employee does not work due to an authorized and approved leave of absence; and

               including compelling personal reasons as a condition for disqualification of benefits.

            The bill would become effective August 15, 1999, unless a referendum petition is filed and approved by the voters.

            The provisions of the bill would will affect a relatively small number of UI claimants and would will have a minimal fiscal impact on the workload of the division, UI taxes paid by employers, and benefits paid claimants. The division will be able to absorb any additional administrative costs within existing resources. The bill would will not have any significant fiscal impact on affect any other state agency, or unit of local government. Therefore, this bill is assessed as not having any no fiscal impact.

Departments Contacted

            Labor and Employment