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(replaces fiscal impact dated January 5, 1999)

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Prime Sponsor(s):

LLS 99-0093

Rep. Smith

Sen. Dennis


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Fiscal Analyst:

April 15, 1999

House Appropriations

Will Meyer (303-866-4976)



Fiscal Impact Summary

FY 1999/2000*

FY 2000/2001*

State Revenues

General Fund



State Expenditures

General Fund



FTE Position Change

0.0 FTE

0.0 FTE

Other State Impact: None identified

Effective Date: Upon signature of the Governor

Appropriation Summary for FY 1999-2000 $1,200,000 appropriation from the General Fund to the Division of Aeronautics in the Department of Transportation.

Local Government Impact: None

Summary of Legislation

            The provisions of this bill would direct the Transportation Commission (commission) to advise the Executive Director of the Department of Transportation on ways to include aviation as part of the integrated statewide transportation system as authorized by C.R.S. 43-1-105 (a) and (b). The bill would broaden the commission's authority to specifically authorize them to confer and consult with state and local officials from other states, as well as federal officials, in advising the director.

            The bill as amended (in the House Transportation and Energy Committee, April 7, 1999) also would appropriate $1,200,000 from the General Fund to be used exclusively for the construction and operation of remote weather stations on aviation routes serving qualified airports in outlying areas of the state. The provisions of the bill would be repealed effective July 1, 2000.

State Expenditures

            The provisions of the bill that would require the commission to advise the director on ways to include aviation as part of the integrated statewide transportation system and the division to administer the increased available funds would not have a significant impact on the workload of the department and could be implemented within their current appropriation.

State Appropriations

            The bill contains an appropriation clause that would appropriate to the Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics, the amount of $1,200,000 from the General Fund in FY 1999/00. The bill provides for the adjustment of the 1999 long bill by reducing the appropriation from the Capital Construction Fund to the Department of Transportation's construction projects.

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