1998 Senate Bills

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1998 Senate Bills, 1998 Senate Resolutions and Memorials

1998 House Bills, 1998 House Resolutions and Memorials
Status Sheet Fiscal Note Bill Number Prime Sponsor Bill Titles
Status FN sb001 WELLS Services For Expelled Students
Status FN sb002 WHAM Capital Construction Fund Transfer
Status FN sb003 BISHOP Extends Repeal Of Lottery Division
Status FN sb004 NORTON Apply Clean Air Rules To Public Property
Status FN sb005 B. ALEXANDER FPPA Deferred Compensation Plans
Status FN sb006 AMENT Standing Of Political Subdivisions
Status FN sb007 HOPPER Repeal Of Sunset Date For Homeless Cred
Status FN sb008 WELLS Prelim. Hearings In Cl. 4-6 Felonies
Status FN sb009 DUKE Teaching Of American History
Status FN sb010 AMENT Water Quality Permit Fees
Status FN sb011 BISHOP Prohibit Sex Offenders On School Bd
Status FN sb012 TEBEDO Auto Ins Failure To Maintain Coverage
Status FN sb013 POWERS Disclosures PIP Managed Care Options
Status FN sb014 POWERS Auto Insurance Wage Loss Replacement
Status FN sb015 BISHOP Ground Water Commission Per Diem
Status FN sb016 COFFMAN Stadium Construction Performance Bonds
Status FN sb017 MUTZEBAUGH Filling Vacancies In Office
Status FN sb018 WATTENBERG Aspen Leaf Annual Pass
Status FN sb019 CHLOUBER Extending Horse Racing Regulations
Status FN sb020 CONGROVE POST Board Certification
Status FN sb021 HERNANDEZ Vehicular Homicide Penalty
Status FN sb022 TANNER Juror Travel Benefits Reimbursement
Status FN sb023 PASCOE Crib Safety
Status FN sb024 FEELEY Require Reporting For At-risk Adults
Status FN sb025 RIZZUTO Alcohol & Drug Driving Safety Program
Status FN sb026 LINKHART Work Force Coordinating Council Changes
Status FN sb027 REEVES County Treasurer Authority
Status FN sb028 THIEBAUT Intrastate Commercial Air Service Grants
Status FN sb029 WEDDIG Changes To Aid To Needy Disabled Program
Status FN sb030 THIEBAUT High-Occupancy Vehicle Lanes
Status FN sb031 LINKHART Youth Crime Prev & Interven Prog Grants
Status FN sb032 REEVES Inventory Of Local Government Property
Status FN sb033 MUTZEBAUGH Comm On Govt Efficiency
Status FN sb034 POWERS Alteration Of Vehicle Configurations
Status FN sb035 MUTZEBAUGH Survey Of Railroad Tracks
Status FN sb036 WHAM Telemedicine Require Colo License
Status FN sb037 LACY Liquor Sales To Underage Persons
Status FN sb038 WEDDIG Unclaimed Property Recovery Agreements
Status FN sb039 PHILLIPS Assist Grants For Elderly Or Disabled
Status FN sb040 COFFMAN State Deferred Compensation Plan Changes
Status FN sb041 RUPERT Female Genital Mutilation
Status FN sb042 TEBEDO Threshold For Auto Tort Actions
Status FN sb043 B. ALEXANDER Scenic Railroad Exception
Status FN sb044 MARTINEZ Increase Credit Ins Loss Ratio Standard
Status FN sb045 J. JOHNSON Public Trustee Fees And Salaries
Status FN sb046 ARNOLD Emissions Requirements Vehicle Sales
Status FN sb047 AMENT IME Workers' Comp Findings
Status FN sb048 POWERS Recycling Of Waste Tires And Plastics
Status FN sb049 SCHROEDER Tax Exempt Internet & On Line Services
Status FN sb050 HOPPER Create Criminal Justice Committee
Status FN sb051 BLICKENSDERFER Mandated State Employee Insurance
Status FN sb052 MATSUNAKA Incentives For State Budget Savings
Status FN sb053 DENNIS Waste Disposal By Special Dists
Status FN sb054 DENNIS Licensing Private Prisons
Status FN sb055 DENNIS Enforcement Authority Of County Govts
Status FN sb056 REEVES County Restrictions On Tobacco Sales
Status FN sb057 TEBEDO Manslaughter By Assisted Suicide
Status FN sb058 TANNER Health Benefits For Diabetics
Status FN sb059 B. ALEXANDER Adult Basic Education
Status FN sb060 MARTINEZ Capping Prison Populations
Status FN sb061 THIEBAUT Academic Achievement Tuition Grants
Status FN sb062 WHAM Procedures Related To Adoption
Status FN sb063 ARNOLD Eliminate Repealer For Charter Schools
Status FN sb064 ARNOLD Sales & Use Tax Credit For Autos
Status FN sb065 LACY Video Lottery Terminals
Status FN sb066 WELLS Disabled Jurors
Status FN sb067 J. JOHNSON Tavern Licenses
Status FN sb068 BLICKENSDERFER Crime Of Motor Vehicle Theft
Status FN sb069 CHLOUBER Preserve Historic Bldgs In Gaming Towns
Status FN sb070 TANNER Works Participants At Community Colleges
Status FN sb071 PHILLIPS Charitable Donations By Cities
Status FN sb072 COFFMAN Uniform Anatomical Gift Requirements
Status FN sb073 MATSUNAKA Landlord & Tenant Issues
Status FN sb074 WEDDIG Sales & Use Tax Exemption Coins
Status FN sb075 THIEBAUT Elim Doctors' & Dentists' Gov Immunity
Status FN sb076 WEDDIG Notaries Public
Status FN sb077 WEDDIG Non-utility Activities Of Gas & Elec Cos
Status FN sb078 AMENT Water Resources & Pwr Development Authy
Status FN sb079 PASCOE Parity In Medicaid Long Term Care
Status FN sb080 RUPERT Community Conflict Resolution Support
Status FN sb081 CHLOUBER Concealed Handgun Permits
Status FN sb082 B. ALEXANDER Educational & Cultural Facilities Act
Status FN sb083 FEELEY State & Local Gov Fiscal Policies Study
Status FN sb084 MUTZEBAUGH Dealer Registration & Titling Vehicles
Status FN sb085 SCHROEDER Rural Internet Access Enterprise Zones
Status FN sb086 PERLMUTTER RTD Board Of Directors
Status FN sb087 HOPPER Building Accessibility Requirements
Status FN sb088 J. JOHNSON Environmental Regs For Swine Feedlots
Status FN sb089 HERNANDEZ Dangerous Dogs
Status FN sb090 WATTENBERG Enactment Of CRS 1997
Status FN sb091 FEELEY School Construction Trust Fund
Status FN sb092 LAMBORN Personal Property Tax Exemption
Status FN sb093 LINKHART Property Tax Protest & Appeal Process
Status FN sb094 MUTZEBAUGH Elderly Property Tax Credit
Status FN sb095 HERNANDEZ Denial Of Auto No-fault PIP Benefits
Status FN sb096 CONGROVE Changes To Crimes
Status FN sb097 CONGROVE Information Gathering
Status FN sb098 RUPERT Smoking Devices & Children In Cars
Status FN sb099 WHAM Authorization For Needle Exchange Prog
Status FN sb100 AMENT Property Tax Classification Of Pipelines
Status FN sb101 BLICKENSDERFER Clothing Sales Tax Exemption
Status FN sb102 LINKHART Entities
Status FN sb103 BISHOP Operation Grand Junction Drainage Dist
Status FN sb104 REEVES Access To Certified Nurse Midwives
Status FN sb105 PASCOE Categorical Funding Thru School Finance
Status FN sb106 PHILLIPS Anti-hazing
Status FN sb107 MATSUNAKA Expeditious Access To Medical Treatment
Status FN sb108 TEBEDO Automobile Insurance
Status FN sb109 WELLS COLS Recommendations On Rules
Status FN sb110 ARNOLD K12 Education Tax Incentives
Status FN sb111 COFFMAN Appointment Of Former Members
Status FN sb112 COFFMAN Liens For Property Tax Deferrals
Status FN sb113 ARNOLD Sexual Assault On A Child
Status FN sb114 WELLS Division Of PERA In Dom Rel Cases
Status FN sb115 B. ALEXANDER CATI Coordination Of Technology
Status FN sb116 SCHROEDER Sales Tax Mail Order & Internet
Status FN sb117 TANNER Youth Development Services
Status FN sb118 POWERS Rental Car Agents Not Insurers
Status FN sb119 B. ALEXANDER Nonpaid State Official Health Insurance
Status FN sb120 AMENT Include Part Of Weld County In RTD
Status FN sb121 CONGROVE Partial-birth Abortion
Status FN sb122 SCHROEDER Communication & Information Resources
Status FN sb123 CONGROVE Labor Union Participation
Status FN sb124 SCHROEDER Architects/Engrs Good Samaritan Law
Status FN sb125 CHLOUBER Photo ID For Convicted Felons
Status FN sb126 J. JOHNSON Authority Of Sheriffs
Status FN sb127 RIZZUTO School Capital Aid
Status FN sb128 WELLS Prepaid College Education Fund
Status FN sb129 RUPERT Truth In Sentencing
Status FN sb130 LACY Prescriptions By Facsimile
Status FN sb131 RIZZUTO Limitations On Cash Funds
Status FN sb132 HOPPER Prop Taxation Of Nongaming Property
Status FN sb133 WHAM Campaign Contributions
Status FN sb134 HOPPER Medicaid Coverage For Kids
Status FN sb135 TANNER Corrections Budget
Status FN sb136 MUTZEBAUGH Jury Service
Status FN sb137 WHAM Confidentiality Of HIV Testing Records
Status FN sb138 RIZZUTO Termination Of Emergency Powers
Status FN sb139 WELLS Child Support Obligations
Status FN sb140 BLICKENSDERFER Excess State Revs To Lower School Taxes
Status FN sb141 BLICKENSDERFER Econ Devel Fund Conditions
Status FN sb142 WATTENBERG Voluntary Air Emission Limits & Recovery
Status FN sb143 ARNOLD Sexual Exploitation Of Children
Status FN sb144 RUPERT Reduction Of Incentives To Kill Animals
Status FN sb145 REEVES Title 1 Election Judges
Status FN sb146 FEELEY Excess State Revenues For Highways
Status FN sb147 POWERS Right To Remedy Residential Construction
Status FN sb148 POWERS Dept Of Transportation Public Projects
Status FN sb149 THIEBAUT Credit Card Interest Rate Reduction
Status FN sb150 BISHOP Surplus Revenues For K12 Construction
Status FN sb151 PHILLIPS Common Interest Ownership Act Mediation
Status FN sb152 WATTENBERG Study Electric Utility Restructuring
Status FN sb153 HERNANDEZ Pet Animal Care
Status FN sb154 LINKHART Child Care Tax Credit
Status FN sb155 HERNANDEZ Compulsory Kindergarten
Status FN sb156 WEDDIG State Prison Chaplain Program
Status FN sb157 TEBEDO Family Child Care Homes
Status FN sb158 PHILLIPS Child Care Expenses Tax Credits
Status FN sb159 BISHOP Oil/Gas Royalty Payments & Info
Status FN sb160 PASCOE Local Planning For Growth
Status FN sb161 WELLS Legislative Appropriation Bill
Status FN sb162 J. JOHNSON Insurance Consumer Counsel
Status FN sb163 DENNIS Revolving Loan Fund Grants
Status FN sb164 PASCOE Limits On Sale Of Assault Weapons
Status FN sb165 REEVES Child Welfare
Status FN sb166 MUTZEBAUGH Transportation Planning
Status FN sb167 FEELEY Gulf War Syndrome Registry
Status FN sb168 NORTON Funding For School Emergency Constr
Status FN sb169 NORTON Refund Excess By Temp Income Tax Reduc
Status FN sb170 NORTON Increased Funding For Transportation
Status FN sb171 LACY Metropolitan Football Stadium District
Status FN sb172 LACY State Treasurer Mgmt Fee Elimination
Status FN sb173 RIZZUTO Reimbursement Of Costs For Nursing Homes
Status FN sb174 CHLOUBER Greyhound Purse Structures
Status FN sb175 CHLOUBER Increase Max Simulcast Greyhound Races
Status FN sb176 FEELEY Unauthorized Military Organizations
Status FN sb177 LACY PUC Telecom High Cost Fund Admin
Status FN sb178 BLICKENSDERFER Electric Utility Industry Restructuring
Status FN sb179 DENNIS Safe Drinking Water Act Enforcement
Status FN sb180 SCHROEDER Continued Implementation Of CICJS
Status FN sb181 ALEXANDER Environmental Education
Status FN sb182 NORTON Continued Operation Of AIR Program
Status FN sb183 WATTENBERG Colo. Northwestern Comm. College
Status FN sb184 BISHOP Improvement Districts
Status FN sb185 RIZZUTO Maintenance Of Effort
Status FN sb186 B. ALEXANDER Proposed Fitzsimons Veterans Home
Status FN sb187 RIZZUTO Acquire Towner Line For State Rail Bank
Status FN sb188 WHAM Colorado Horse Development Authority
Status FN sb189 HOPPER Regulation Of Retail Food Establishments
Status FN sb190 MATSUNAKA Revisor's Bill
Status FN sb191 DENNIS Upper Purgatoire Watershed Land Purchase
Status FN sb192 WATTENBERG Dog Racing Takeout Percentages
Status FN sb193 WELLS Rocky Mountain Pres Prim Task Force
Status FN sb194 RIZZUTO State Cash Funds
Status FN sb195 AMENT Pol Subdiv Standing To Protect Property
Status FN sb196 AMENT Denver Basin Aquifer Stream Depletions
Status FN sb197 BISHOP Continue Bingo, Give Enfrcmnt To Revenue
Status FN sb198 POWERS Recycling Programs
Status FN sb199 AMENT P.O.S.T. Certification For Sheriffs
Status FN sb200 SCHROEDER Luxury Limousines
Status FN sb201 AMENT Denver Basin Aquifer Well Pumping

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