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	Second Regular Session

	Sixty-First General Assembly


BY REPRESENTATIVES Kreutz, June, and Lamborn.


Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives of the Sixty-first General Assembly of the State of Colorado:

That the following named persons be appointed as officers and employees of the House of Representatives of the Sixty-first General Assembly, convened in Second Regular Session to the position set opposite their respective names.

Judith Rodrigue	Chief Clerk
Vi Jones	Asst.  Chief Clerk/Docket Clerk
Marilyn Eddins	Journal Clerk
	Amendment Clerk
Ramey Johnson	Front Desk Clerk
Kevin Smith	Historian
Michael Mawhinney	Reading Clerk
Bertha Rector	Finance Clerk
Tom Suman	Chief Sergeant-at-Arms
Jim Bauer	Asst.  Sergeant-at-Arms
William Darnell	Asst.  Sergeant-at-Arms
Robert Ford	Asst.  Sergeant-at-Arms
Elden (Tommy) Thompson	Asst.  Sergeant-at-Arms
Deanna J.  Johnson	Chief Enrolling Clerk
Ingrid R. Falkenstine	Asst.  Enrolling Clerk
Eileen D. Heltzel	Asst.  Enrolling Clerk
Judy Ford	Information Center/Bill Room Supervisor
Tom Gross	Bill Room Clerk
Dorothy Cardinale	Information Clerk
Donna Acierno	Secretary to the Speaker
Judie Koehler	Secretary to the Majority Leader

Lily Nuñez	Majority Caucus Secretary
Susan Quates	Secretary to the Minority Leader
Carolyn Gard	Minority Caucus Secretary
Marilyn Bloxham	Chief Legislative Secretary
Barbara May	Legislative Secretary
Geraldine K. Middlemist	Legislative Secretary
Betty Schmidt	Legislative Secretary
Jo Ann M.  Whitehead	Legislative Secretary
	Legislative Secretary
Mark Dunham	Computer Support
Patricia Blakey	Telephone Receptionist
Julie Seely	Telephone Receptionist
Jan Duckworth	Chief Assignable Clerk
David Abel	Assignable Clerk
Pamela Catlin	Assignable Clerk
Mary Kittler	Assignable Clerk
Lou E. Olnhausen	Assignable Clerk
Carol Warner	Assignable Clerk
Pat Worley	Assignable Clerk
Mary Mathiesen	Visitors= Aide
Elizabeth Krickbaum	Visitors= Aide
Totsy Rees	Majority House Communications
Diane Reimer	Majority House Communications
Kathy Holland (PTE)	Minority House Communications
Donnah Marx	Minority House Communications