1998 House Resolutions and Memorials

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1998 Senate Bills, 1998 Senate Resolutions and Memorials

1998 House Bills, 1998 House Resolutions and Memorials
Status Sheet Fiscal Note Res. Number Prime Sponsor Bill Titles
Status hjr1001 ANDERSON Temporary Joint Rules
Status hjr1002 ANDERSON Concerning Handling of Bills
Status hjr1003 GROSSMAN Juvenile Justice System Study
Status hjr1004 GEORGE Concerning Competitive Marketing
Status hjr1005 MORRISON Guideline On Euthanasia
Status hjr1006 AGLER 1998-99 FY Revenue Estimate
Status hjr1007 ENTZ Drinking Water Eligibility
Status hjr1008 DEAN Study Of School Capital Projects
Status hjr1009 OWEN Alternatives To Social Security
Status hjr1010 HAGEDORN Congratulating Hinkley High School Football Team
Status hjr1011 GROSSMAN Confirmation Of Judgeship Nominees
Status hjr1012 C. BERRY Jack Swigert Memorial
Status hjr1013 SCHAUER Concerning New Facilities At Buckley Air Nat'l Guard Base
Status hjr1014 S. WILLIAMS "Read Across America" Day
Status hjr1015 ANDERSON Concerning Legislative Deadlines
Status hjr1016 LAWRENCE RecognizingEl Pomar Foundation
Status hjr1017 MAY Federal Highway Program
Status hjr1018 HAGEDORN Concerning Taxation Of Internet Services
Status hjr1019 KREUTZ Single Parents Day
Status hjr1020 SPRADLEY Repeal Of Internal Revenue Code
Status hjr1021 OWEN Concerning Japan Maintaining Open Markets For U.S. Exports
Status hjr1022 PASCHALL Recognition Of Home Education Day In Colorado
Status hjr1023 MUSGRAVE American Heritage Rivers Initiative
Status hjr1024 ANDERSON General Assembly Deadline Schedule
Status hjr1025 ANDERSON Budget Review By Committees
Status hjr1026 MORRISON Holocaust Awareness Week
Status hjr1027 ANDERSON Peace Officers' Memorial Day
Status hjr1028 PFIFER Concerning The Murder Of Oumar Dia
Status hjr1029 LAWRENCE 150th Anniversary Of Women's Suffrage
Status hjr1030 EPPS Recognition Of Colorado's Volunteer Firefighters
Status hjr1031 DYER Concerning The Modified Animas-LaPlata Project
Status hjr1032 GOTLIEB Memorializing Officer Bruce Vanderjagt
Status hjr1033 MILLER Concerning Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund
Status hjr1034 HAGEDORN Colorado Springs & El Paso County Privatization Efforts
Status hjr1035 HAGEDORN Tribute To Chancellor Daniel L. Ritchie
Status hjr1036 REESER Concerning Aircraft Repair Station Safety Act
Status hjr1037 G.BERRY Higher Education Organization
Status hjr1038 SMITH Interim Committee On Commuter Airlines
Status hjr1039 SMITH BLM's Designation Of Wilderness In Western Colorado
Status hjr1040 SCHAUER Honoring Congressman Daniel L. Schaefer
Status hjr1041 MCPHERSON Colorado's Self-Audit Law & EPA
Status hjr1042 ANDERSON Opposition To Marijuana For Medical Purposes
Status hjr1043 YOUNG Concerning Food Quality Protection Act
Status hjr1044 PASCHALL Concerning Self-Regulatory Organizations
Status hjr1045 PANKEY Feasibility Of Chapel In State Capitol
Status hjr1046 ANDERSON Concerning Officers And Employees
Status hjr1047 ANDERSON Governor Notification Of Sine Die
Status hjr1048 ANDERSON Adjournment Sine Die
Status hcr1001 PANKEY Old Age Pension Program
Status hcr1002 GEORGE Concerning Property Taxation
Status hcr1003 PFIFER Property Tax Reform
Status hcr1004 DEAN Signatures Required On Petitions
Status hcr1005 PANKEY Property For Financing Trans. System Projects
Status hcr1006 HAGEDORN Emergency Reserve Revenues
Status hcr1007 PANKEY Concerning State Income Taxes
Status hcr1008 KAUFMAN Authorizing Health Care Functions
Status hcr1009 DYER Concerning Lottery Proceeds For Colorado Tourism
Status hcr1010 GROSSMAN Concerning Woman's Freedom Of Reproductive Autonomy
Status hcr1011 LEYBA Lottery Proceeds For Sports Facility
Status hcr1012 PASCHALL Concerning Public Financing Or Mandates
Status hcr1013 PASCHALL General Assembly Judicial Review
Status hr1001 KREUTZ Chaplain Position
Status hr1002 KREUTZ House Employees
Status hr1003 KREUTZ Employee Presession Payment
Status hr1004 GOTLIEB Supporting The Denver Broncos
Status hr1005 GOTLIEB Mile High Salute To Super Bowl Champion DENVER BRONCOS
Status hr1006 KREUTZ Regarding Employee & Position
Status hr1007 MAY Major League Baseball "All-Star" Day
Status hr1008 LEYBA National Equal Pay Day
Status hr1009 TUCKER National County Government Week
Status hr1010 ANDERSON Concerning The House Committee On Ethics
Status hm1001 KREUTZ Memorializing Charles W. "Chuck" Henning
Status hm1002 C. BERRY Memorializing Arthur C. Herzberger
Status hm1003 TAYLOR Memorializing Bill Gossard
Status hm1004 PFIFER Memorializing Calvin Gale Sellens
Status hm1005 FAATZ Memorializing Former Representative Paul Swalm
Status hm1006 UDALL Memorializing Former Representative Patricia Burrows

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