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General Fund Expenditure Impact

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Prime Sponsor(s):

LLS 98-379

Sen. Schroeder

Rep. Adkins


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Fiscal Analyst:

March 4, 1998

Senate Judiciary

Janis Baron (866-3523)



Summary of Legislation


FY 1998/99

FY 1999/2000

State Revenues

General Fund

Other Fund



State Expenditures

General Fund

Other Fund

$ 245,281

$ 245,281

FTE Position Change

1.5 FTE

1.5 FTE

Local Government Impact — None.

            The bill includes a legislative declaration that states the Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System is in the beginning stages of implementation and needs ongoing support and leadership in order to be maintained. It expands the role of the chief officer of the system to include maintenance of the system. The bill also repeals the statutes relating to the design phase of the system and the local criminal justice agencies pilot program, which have been accomplished. The bill includes an appropriation clause to the Department of Public Safety. The bill is effective upon signature of the Governor.



      1994    The State Auditor conducted an audit on the effectiveness of criminal justice information systems and recommended that: (1) the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court and the Executive Director of Public Safety formalize an agreement to implement an integrated criminal justice information system; and (2) the General Assembly consider legislation to formally implement the agreement.


      1995    HB 95-1101, Concerning The Development Of An Integrated Criminal Justice Information System, was enacted. The bill established a planning team to cooperate in the development, implementation, and maintenance of an integrated system, and required it to submit a strategic plan by November 1995 for legislative consideration.


      1996    SB 96-221, Concerning The Integrated Criminal Justice Information System, was enacted. The bill established the Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (CICJIS) Program; created a task force to be accountable for plan implementation; established the local criminal justice agencies pilot program; and appropriated $2,711,323 (Capital Construction Funds Exempt) to the Department of Personnel to implement CICJIS.

            The integrated criminal justice system is not based upon a centralized system, rather it is a system that links the individual systems maintained by separate criminal justice organizations statewide.


State Expenditures

            The Department of Public Safety (DPS) will require $245,281 General Fund and 1.5 FTE in both FY 1998-99 and FY 1999-00 to comply with the bill’s requirements. Under SB 98-180, the “chief officer” of CICJIS is given the new responsibility of maintaining the system. The fiscal note assumes that 1.0 FTE Data Processing Manager II and 0.5 FTE Administrative Assistant III will be needed to maintain the system. Personal services and operating costs for both FY 1998-99 and FY 1999-00 are estimated at $111,781. Additionally, DPS will require $133,500 for contract services to provide software support. The department indicates that although contract services will be needed through FY 1999-00, it is not known at this time if they will be required on a continuing basis.

            DPS indicates that there are currently 5.0 FTE working on CICJIS: 2.0 FTE are funded in the Department of Public Safety, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, with General Fund; and 3.0 FTE are funded in the Governor’s Office, Office of State Planning and Budgeting, with General Fund ($72,800) and federal funds ($218,400). Although not yet adopted by the General Assembly, the FY 1998-99 Long Bill, as recommended by the Joint Budget Committee, will not include any moneys in the Governor’s Office for CICJIS.

            The General Fund needed to support 1.5 FTE under SB 98-180, replaces the funding which has been supporting them to date in the Governor’s Office. The General Fund in DPS will support maintenance of the system, not growth of the system. [NOTE: DPS indicates that the task force has yet to determine where all FTE will be located for this project.]

Expenditures Not Included

            Pursuant to the Joint Budget Committee’s budget policies, the following expenditures have not been included in this fiscal note:

               health and life insurance costs ($3,317);

               short-term disability costs ($196);

               inflationary cost factors; and

               indirect costs.

Spending Authority

            The fiscal note indicates that for FY 1998-99, the Department of Public Safety, Executive Director’s Office, should receive an appropriation of $245,281 General Fund and 1.5 FTE.

Departments Contacted

            Corrections                             Judicial                       Public Safety

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