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(Replaces Fiscal Note dated January 16, 1998)

General Fund Expenditure Impact

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LLS 98-496

Rep. Smith

Sen. Bishop


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Fiscal Analyst:

February 17, 1998

House Appropriations

Steve Tammeus (866-2756)



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FY 1998/99

FY 1999/2000

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State Expenditures

General Fund

Capital Construction Fund

Potential transfer to the Capital Construction Fund

Potential capital construction appropriation

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Local Government Impact — None

            This bill, as amended by the House Education Committee (House Journal, January 22, 1998, page 147), requires any Board of Cooperative Services (BOCS) that includes the governing board or governing agency of an institution of higher education to obtain the approval of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) for any state capital construction moneys sought through the Capital Development Committee.

            The bill further specifies for FY 1998-99 that any BOCS that consists of the governing board or governing agency of one state college and the board of education of one school district shall obtain the approval of the trustees of the state colleges in Colorado, rather than CCHE, prior to the provision of sites, buildings, or equipment for the operation of a cooperative service program.

            For FY 1999-2000 and thereafter, a BOCS shall obtain the approval of the CCHE for the provision of sites, buildings, or equipment necessary for the operations of a cooperative service program for which state capital construction moneys are sought through the Capital Development Committee (CDC). The bill will become effective upon the signature of the Governor.

            The bill will affect state capital construction funds if a qualifying BOCS elects to request, and receives, state capital construction fund appropriations. Therefore, the bill is assessed as having a conditional fiscal impact.

State Expenditures

             Current law does not provide a statutory process for a BOCS to submit a request for state capital construction funding through the CCHE, Higher Education, or the CDC. This bill establishes a process for a BOCS that includes the governing board of an institution of higher education to submit such requests through the Department of Higher Education and the CDC. Any resulting capital construction appropriation may require an equivalent General Fund appropriation to the Capital Construction Fund.

            The provisions of the bill do not create new administrative expenditures for the CCHE, the Department of Higher Education, or the Legislative Department. Any costs associated with reviewing and approving a BOCS request for capital construction funding can be absorbed within existing resources.

Spending Authority

            This fiscal note would imply that additional Capital Construction Fund appropriations may be required for FY 1998-99 if a BOCS were to request, and be granted, state capital construction funding.

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