1998 House Bills

This information is prepared as an informational service only and should not be relied upon as an official record of action taken by the Colorado General Assembly.

1998 Senate Bills, 1998 Senate Resolutions and Memorials

1998 House Bills, 1998 House Resolutions and Memorials
Status Sheet Fiscal Note Bill Number Prime Sponsor Bill Titles
Status FN hb1001 MAY Transportation
Status FN hb1002 MCPHERSON House Redistricting
Status FN hb1003 SCHAUER Remove State Only SIP Provisions
Status FN hb1004 EPPS Domestic Violence Treatment Providers
Status FN hb1005 SPRADLEY Reduction Of Property Taxes
Status FN hb1006 ADKINS Conservation Of Native Species
Status FN hb1007 SPRADLEY Continue PUC
Status FN hb1008 MCPHERSON Photographic Documents
Status FN hb1009 SULLIVANT Fire Suppression System Program
Status FN hb1010 G. BERRY Regulation Of Electricians
Status FN hb1011 ENTZ Replacement Of Groundwater Depletions
Status FN hb1012 REESER Continuation Of Electrician Regulation
Status FN hb1013 SWENSON Special Fuel Taxation
Status FN hb1014 REESER Continuation Of Plumbing Board
Status FN hb1015 LEYBA Medication Administration Program
Status FN hb1016 T. WILLIAMS Regulation Of Architects
Status FN hb1017 LEYBA Racing Commission Authority
Status FN hb1018 TAKIS Continuation Of Architects Board
Status FN hb1019 MORRISON Min Hospital Stay After Childbirth
Status FN hb1020 TAYLOR Exemption From Local Government Audits
Status FN hb1021 PFIFFNER Status Aux Facilities & Extend Exp Date
Status FN hb1022 TUCKER Qualified Fire & Police Pension Plans
Status FN hb1023 KREUTZ Residency Reqmt For Old Age Pension
Status FN hb1024 DEAN Police & Fire Survivor Benefits
Status FN hb1025 SWENSON PIP Deductibles & Coinsurance
Status FN hb1026 JUNE Theft Of Public Transportation Services
Status FN hb1027 MACE Prohibition Of Cruising
Status FN hb1028 YOUNG Continue Bingo & Raffle Regulation
Status FN hb1029 TAKIS Mayoral Term In Stat Council Mngr City
Status FN hb1030 AGLER FCC Licenses Property Tax
Status FN hb1031 ALLEN Division Of Occupational Education
Status FN hb1032 PFIFFNER Role Of Parents
Status FN hb1033 MILLER County Categorization For Salaries
Status FN hb1034 SNYDER Sex Offender Community Notification
Status FN hb1035 GRAMPSAS Volunteer Firefighter Retirement Benefit
Status FN hb1036 S. JOHNSON Special License Plates For The Disabled
Status FN hb1037 ENTZ Mileage Allow For State Officers & Emp
Status FN hb1038 REESER Policy Deductible Workers' Comp Funds
Status FN hb1039 UDALL Increase Big Game Poaching Penalties
Status FN hb1040 NICHOL Rev Minor Driver's License For Marihuana
Status FN hb1041 DEAN Theft Of Cable Services
Status FN hb1042 DYER Work Comp Repeal Impairment Guidelines
Status FN hb1043 ARRINGTON Regulation Of Notaries
Status FN hb1044 S. WILLIAMS Child Care Credentials
Status FN hb1045 SINCLAIR Attempted Killing In Dom Rel Cases
Status FN hb1046 MUSGRAVE Ltd Prescriptive Auth For Chiropractors
Status FN hb1047 MCPHERSON CDOT Logo Signs For Urban Areas
Status FN hb1048 HAGEDORN Moment Of Silent Reflection In Schools
Status FN hb1049 MCPHERSON Prohibited Acts By Gaming Establishments
Status FN hb1050 TOOL Higher Ed Employment Contracts
Status FN hb1051 TAKIS State Veterans Nursing Home
Status FN hb1052 DYER Work Study Programs
Status FN hb1053 KREUTZ Short-Term Health Insurance
Status FN hb1054 MCPHERSON Use Of Inmates For Disaster Relief
Status FN hb1055 T. WILLIAMS Workers' Comp Discovery
Status FN hb1056 GRAMPSAS Vol Firefighter Service For Early Retire
Status FN hb1057 SULLIVANT Funding For Nonresident Pupil Enrollment
Status FN hb1058 ADKINS Environmental Leadership Program
Status FN hb1059 GORDON Traffic Violations In School Zones
Status FN hb1060 SCHAUER PUC Sunset Review Policy Changes
Status FN hb1061 ARRINGTON Talking On Phone While Driving
Status FN hb1062 PASCHALL Select Independnt Work Comp Med Examiner
Status FN hb1063 KELLER Disabled Veteran Plates Eligibility
Status FN hb1064 TOOL County Clerk & Recorder Agent Fee
Status FN hb1065 MCELHANY Eliminate Sales Tax On Phone Services
Status FN hb1066 MACE Passengers In Cargo Area
Status FN hb1067 TATE Unemployment Insurance Cleanup
Status FN hb1068 ANDERSON Public Safety Communications System
Status FN hb1069 GEORGE Local Government Growth Assistance
Status FN hb1070 TAYLOR Temporary Motor Vehicle Registration
Status FN hb1071 SCHAUER Clarify Definition Of Substitute Teacher
Status FN hb1072 MORRISON Regulation Of Psychotherapy
Status FN hb1073 MCELHANY Continuation Of MEGA Board
Status FN hb1074 MCELHANY Continue Utility Consumers' Board
Status FN hb1075 MAY Motor Vehicle Registration
Status FN hb1076 PASCHALL Continues The Compliance Advisory Panel
Status FN hb1077 ZIMMERMAN County Clerk Vehicle Inspection Fees
Status FN hb1078 MCELHANY Continue Office Of Consumer Counsel
Status FN hb1079 MILLER Prisoner Litigation Reform
Status FN hb1080 REESER Workers' Comp Funds
Status FN hb1081 BACON Reporting Of Fuel And Fleet Status
Status FN hb1082 LAWRENCE EBT Replacement Fee
Status FN hb1083 ADKINS Payment Of Legal Fees In Civil Actions
Status FN hb1084 GOTLIEB Extension Of Auraria Board
Status FN hb1085 G. BERRY Direct Payment Of Sales And Use Tax
Status FN hb1086 MAY Redemption Period For Residential Land
Status FN hb1087 SALAZ Reg Of Unpaid Periodical Subscriptions
Status FN hb1088 KAUFMAN Procedural Criminal Laws
Status FN hb1089 ALLEN Teacher Evaluations
Status FN hb1090 DEAN Teacher Dismissal Procedures
Status FN hb1091 EPPS Felon Weapon Possession Penalty Increase
Status FN hb1092 KREUTZ Self Sufficiency & Employment Pilot
Status FN hb1093 VEIGA Partisan Elections For RTD Board Members
Status FN hb1094 PASCHALL Continue Air Science Advisory Board
Status FN hb1095 CHAVEZ School District Retirement Funds
Status FN hb1096 SMITH Regulation Of Scrap Metal As Solid Waste
Status FN hb1097 LEYBA Unemployment Insurance Def Of Employer
Status FN hb1098 CLARKE Veterinary License By Endorsement
Status FN hb1099 PFIFFNER Managed Competition
Status FN hb1100 SALAZ Income Tax Rate Reduction
Status FN hb1101 YOUNG Brand Board Fees & Feedlots
Status FN hb1102 OWEN Instant Background Check System
Status FN hb1103 CLARKE Inmate Copayments For Medical Services
Status FN hb1104 VEIGA Reduction Of Min. Auto. Ins. Cov. Amts.
Status FN hb1105 ANDERSON FCPA Reporting In Local Gvmt Elections
Status FN hb1106 TUCKER Revision Of Air Control Regulations
Status FN hb1107 GROSSMAN Sentencing Of Juvenile Misdemeanants
Status FN hb1108 GROSSMAN Participation In ED & Unpaid Leave
Status FN hb1109 TAYLOR Fed Resp Visibility Monitor Class I Areas
Status FN hb1110 TUPA Minor Political Party Ballot Access
Status FN hb1111 PANKEY Fraudulent Proof Of Identification
Status FN hb1112 SWENSON Elderly & Disabled Assistance Grants
Status FN hb1113 LAWRENCE Instant Scratch Lotteries Based On Bingo
Status FN hb1114 PANKEY Implement Constitutional Changes To OAP
Status FN hb1115 SALIMAN Mobile Home Informed Eviction Notice
Status FN hb1116 PANKEY Elim Restrict RTD Bus Service Contracts
Status FN hb1117 SPRADLEY Procedures Re Execution Of Prisoners
Status FN hb1118 DYER Compulsive Gambling Prevention
Status FN hb1119 TATE Banking ATM Conform To Fed
Status FN hb1120 C. BERRY Reestablish Olympic Tax Checkoff
Status FN hb1121 PFIFFNER Continuation Of Veterans Affairs Board
Status FN hb1122 HAGEDORN Arbitration For Car Accidents
Status FN hb1123 MAY Dept Of Revenue Vehicle Sales Functions
Status FN hb1124 MCELHANY Trade Secrets Theft Stat Of Limitation
Status FN hb1125 JUNE Construction Statute Of Limitations
Status FN hb1126 REESER Unemployment Insurance Cleanup
Status FN hb1127 TUCKER Underage Drinking And Driving
Status FN hb1128 MAY Motor Vehicle Sales Transactions
Status FN hb1129 SALAZ Limiting Eminent Domain Power
Status FN hb1130 FAATZ Crime Victims' Compensation
Status FN hb1131 K. ALEXANDER Warranties For Facilitative Technology
Status FN hb1132 EPPS County Judges
Status FN hb1133 DEAN Reporting Inmate Benefits Fraud
Status FN hb1134 K. ALEXANDER Personal Care Services Cap
Status FN hb1135 GROSSMAN Class 1 Felony: Hate Crime Agg. Factor
Status FN hb1136 ZIMMERMAN Sec Of State Internet Access
Status FN hb1137 KREUTZ Transfer Of TANF Funds
Status FN hb1138 ARRINGTON Unlawful Entry For Home Protection Act
Status FN hb1139 LEYBA Tobacco-free Schools
Status FN hb1140 C. BERRY Workers' Comp PPD Schedule
Status FN hb1141 ALLEN Terminating Tenancy As Public Nuisance
Status FN hb1142 OWEN Small Group Ins Community Rating
Status FN hb1143 SPRADLEY PERA Health Coverage For Children
Status FN hb1144 SULLIVANT Securing Aggregate Materials
Status FN hb1145 ZIMMERMAN Local Government Employee Protection
Status FN hb1146 ALLEN Teacher Expedited Dismissal Process
Status FN hb1147 PANKEY Gen Fund Savings
Status FN hb1148 SCHAUER Expansion Of Public Records
Status FN hb1149 MORRISON Health Care Task Force
Status FN hb1150 EPPS School Dist Tax Auth School Libraries
Status FN hb1151 YOUNG Administration Of Ground Water
Status FN hb1152 GEORGE Property Tax Modifications
Status FN hb1153 HAGEDORN Patient Record Confidentiality
Status FN hb1154 T. WILLIAMS Unemployment Benefit Requirements
Status FN hb1155 SMITH Capital Construction By BOCES
Status FN hb1156 ANDERSON Lifetime Supervision Of Sex Offenders
Status FN hb1157 GOTLIEB Post Retirement Work By Teachers
Status FN hb1158 MUSGRAVE Parental Consent To Use Of Student Data
Status FN hb1159 T. WILLIAMS Employer App Workers' Comp Settlements
Status FN hb1160 ADKINS Substantive Changes To Criminal Laws
Status FN hb1161 KELLER Protection From Restraint
Status FN hb1162 BACON Postsecondary Enrollment Options Tuition
Status FN hb1163 SULLIVANT Municipal Annexation
Status FN hb1164 MCELHANY At Risk Funding In Charter Schools
Status FN hb1165 MUSGRAVE Food Donation Income Tax Credit
Status FN hb1166 VEIGA Colo Family And Medical Leave Act
Status FN hb1167 TOOL Testing In Serious Auto Accidents
Status FN hb1168 ARRINGTON Use Of Social Security Numbers
Status FN hb1169 AGLER Alternative Fuels Incentives
Status FN hb1170 GEORGE Shooting Ranges
Status FN hb1171 ARRINGTON Charter School Regulation Waivers
Status FN hb1172 BACON Helmet Requirements
Status FN hb1173 TOOL Motor Vehicle Title Fees
Status FN hb1174 KELLER School Capital Construction Account
Status FN hb1175 VEIGA Svcs For Pregnant Women Using Tobacco
Status FN hb1176 SWENSON Waste Tire Recycling Reimbursement
Status FN hb1177 AGLER Sex Offenders
Status FN hb1178 SNYDER Private Prison Correctional Industries
Status FN hb1179 TUCKER Civil Restraining Order
Status FN hb1180 UDALL Conservation Donation Tax Credit
Status FN hb1181 GROSSMAN Ban On Assault Weapons
Status FN hb1182 PFIFFNER Tax Policy Reform
Status FN hb1183 GORDON Child Custody
Status FN hb1184 UDALL Reduction Of Class Size
Status FN hb1185 PFIFFNER K12 Education Tax Incentives
Status FN hb1186 S. WILLIAMS Teaching Of American Indian Culture
Status FN hb1187 MORRISON Driving Restrictions For Minors
Status FN hb1188 SNYDER Fair Campaign Practices Act
Status FN hb1189 ENTZ Colo Water Conservation Board Projects
Status FN hb1190 GOTLIEB Emergency School Cap Const Projects
Status FN hb1191 OWEN Pub Employee Defined Contribution Plans
Status FN hb1192 PASCHALL No Oxyfuels In Maintenance SIP
Status FN hb1193 SINCLAIR Use Of Specified Lanes By Motor Vehicles
Status FN hb1194 KAUFMAN Create Judicial Resources Commission
Status FN hb1195 CLARKE High Impact Solid Waste Mgmt Apps
Status FN hb1196 ARRINGTON Work Comp No Civil Suits Against Insurer
Status FN hb1197 LEYBA Sentences For Juvenile Offenders
Status FN hb1198 JUNE Exceptions To Photo-radar Restrictions
Status FN hb1199 SCHAUER Adhere Federal Overtime Exemptions
Status FN hb1200 TAYLOR Local Marketing Districts
Status FN hb1201 KAUFMAN Add Larimer County Court Judge
Status FN hb1202 MAY Highway Construction Funding
Status FN hb1203 SMITH Deceptive Practices Sale Manufact Homes
Status FN hb1204 ENTZ State Nursing Homes
Status FN hb1205 KREUTZ Carrier Duty Of Care In Health Decisions
Status FN hb1206 GRAMPSAS Detox Services Fund For Gaming
Status FN hb1207 LAWRENCE Transportation Of Prisoners
Status FN hb1208 S. WILLIAMS Except School Employees From Skills Test
Status FN hb1209 YOUNG Education Reform
Status FN hb1210 TUPA Infant Immunization Tracking System
Status FN hb1211 CHAVEZ Liquor License Applic Review Standards
Status FN hb1212 GEORGE Retention & Refund Of State Excess Revs
Status FN hb1213 SWENSON Proof Of Insurance Vehicle Registration
Status FN hb1214 K. ALEXANDER Farm Equip Sales & Use Tax Exemption
Status FN hb1215 NICHOL Civil Penalties For Mortgage Brokers
Status FN hb1216 PASCHALL Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreements
Status FN hb1217 T. WILLIAMS Pharmacy Regulation
Status FN hb1218 TUPA Drinking Responsibility Act
Status FN hb1219 CLARKE ID Cards For Disabled Persons
Status FN hb1220 TAYLOR Regulation Of Plumbers - Policy Changes
Status FN hb1221 KAUFMAN Nonprofit Health Care Transfer Of Assets
Status FN hb1222 S. JOHNSON No Sales Solicitation Calls List
Status FN hb1223 TATE Employment Discrimination Penalties
Status FN hb1224 LAWRENCE Bail Recovery
Status FN hb1225 EPPS Peer Assistance Fee For Physicians & Pas
Status FN hb1226 ADKINS Limitations On Teaching Health Ed
Status FN hb1227 SCHAUER Alternative Educational Programs
Status FN hb1228 C. BERRY Refund Excess By Temp Income Rate Reduc
Status FN hb1229 CHAVEZ Extend HCBS For Mentally Ill
Status FN hb1230 CHAVEZ Self Affirmation On Absentee Ballots
Status FN hb1231 TOOL School District Capital Construction
Status FN hb1232 S. JOHNSON Personal Prop Tax Future Purchase Exemp
Status FN hb1233 S. JOHNSON On Line Posting Of County Proceedings
Status FN hb1234 ALLEN Public School Finance
Status FN hb1235 BACON Industrial Banks
Status FN hb1236 EPPS Post-boot Camp Placement
Status FN hb1237 MCELHANY Report On Use Of At Risk Pupil Funds
Status FN hb1238 GEORGE Judicial Compensation
Status FN hb1239 NICHOL Include Motorcycles In Vehicle Warranty
Status FN hb1240 KELLER State Special Ed Advisory Committee
Status FN hb1241 ADKINS Monument Lake Evaporation Problem
Status FN hb1242 ANDERSON Reduction In PERA Contribution
Status FN hb1243 LAWRENCE Anesthesia For Dental Procedures
Status FN hb1244 MCPHERSON Investment Adviser Regulation
Status FN hb1245 MORRISON Dispensing Drugs Via Fax
Status FN hb1246 ROMERO Elim State Supplier Database Cash Fund
Status FN hb1247 GOTLIEB Educator Employment Contracts
Status FN hb1248 MUSGRAVE Formalities Of Certain Marriages
Status FN hb1249 DEAN Charter School Funding
Status FN hb1250 KAUFMAN Electronic Filing Of State Income Taxes
Status FN hb1251 SNYDER Custody Of County Funds
Status FN hb1252 DYER Mission Of Fort Lewis College
Status FN hb1253 ADKINS Payment Of Claims Against County
Status FN hb1254 DYER Oil And Gas Regulation
Status FN hb1255 SWENSON Uniformity In Financial Crimes
Status FN hb1256 ANDERSON Retain Excess Revs For Gov Needs
Status FN hb1257 S. WILLIAMS Forfeiture Reqs In Res Care Facilities
Status FN hb1258 YOUNG Rural Phone Company Local Rate Increases
Status FN hb1259 TATE Alternative Workers' Comp Penalties
Status FN hb1260 SALAZ Restrictions On Local Firearm Ordinances
Status FN hb1261 TOOL School District Reorganization
Status FN hb1262 T. WILLIAMS Requirements For Local Gov Audits
Status FN hb1263 SALIMAN Excess Rev For K12 Higher Ed & Highways
Status FN hb1264 ADKINS Discovery Procedures In Class 1 Felonies
Status FN hb1265 GOTLIEB Seat Belt Violations As Primary Offense
Status FN hb1266 TAYLOR Personal Income Tax Modifications
Status FN hb1267 ALLEN Educational Reforms
Status FN hb1268 TATE Hate Crimes
Status FN hb1269 SINCLAIR Use Tax Exemption For Donations
Status FN hb1270 LEYBA Civil Rights Based On Sexual Orientation
Status FN hb1271 SPRADLEY State Estate Taxes
Status FN hb1272 KAUFMAN Domestic Violence
Status FN hb1273 K. ALEXANDER School Bus Operation Safety
Status FN hb1274 GORDON Executive Director Allocation Of Powers
Status FN hb1275 ADKINS Excess Revenue Prop Tax Reduction
Status FN hb1276 SALAZ Availability Of Student Information
Status FN hb1277 K. ALEXANDER GAL Training Standards
Status FN hb1278 ROMERO Class Size Reduction Pilot Program
Status FN hb1279 TUPA Alumni License Plates
Status FN hb1280 PFIFFNER Cash Fund Provisions
Status FN hb1281 PFIFFNER Expansion Of RTD Privatization
Status FN hb1282 AGLER Type 1 Agencies
Status FN hb1283 UDALL Municipal Liens
Status FN hb1284 SCHAUER Electric Utility Industry Restructuring
Status FN hb1285 VEIGA Conditions Upon Electric Deregulation
Status FN hb1286 MORRISON Intact Dilat & Extract As Unprof Conduct
Status FN hb1287 TUCKER State Park Fees For The Disabled
Status FN hb1288 SMITH Water Project Assistance Process
Status FN hb1289 MACE Securing Vehicle Loads
Status FN hb1290 DEAN Educational Waivers
Status FN hb1291 ENTZ Division Of Wildlife Licenses
Status FN hb1292 SCHAUER Sale Of Liquor
Status FN hb1293 CLARKE Veteran Public Job Preferences
Status FN hb1294 S. WILLIAMS Temporomandibular Disorders Ins Parity
Status FN hb1295 GROSSMAN Redevelopment Plan For HSC Property
Status FN hb1296 GEORGE Early Ed And School Readiness Program
Status FN hb1297 TUCKER Trust Requirements For Insurers
Status FN hb1298 OWEN Alternative Chartering Authority
Status FN hb1299 YOUNG Bingo Sunset Review Policy Changes
Status FN hb1300 ADKINS Oversight Of Public Defenders Office
Status FN hb1301 HAGEDORN Privately Funded Ed Vouchers
Status FN hb1302 MAY Deductions For Political Contributions
Status FN hb1303 ZIMMERMAN Municipal Designation Of RTD Routes
Status FN hb1304 PANKEY Funding of Transportation Projects
Status FN hb1305 GROSSMAN County Boundary Adjustments
Status FN hb1306 MCELHANY Work Comp Criteria To End TTD
Status FN hb1307 KELLER Adoption And Safe Families
Status FN hb1308 SMITH Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
Status FN hb1309 GOTLIEB Diabetes Health Care Coverage
Status FN hb1310 SULLIVANT Fees For Building Permits
Status FN hb1311 UDALL Business Officers Court Representation
Status FN hb1312 PFIFFNER State Employee Compensation Law
Status FN hb1313 ENTZ Water Conservation District Easements
Status FN hb1314 T. WILLIAMS Acts Resulting In Judicial Expansion
Status FN hb1315 MILLER Sales Tax Revenues For Tourism & Refund
Status FN hb1316 SULLIVANT Define VLTs As Slot Machines
Status FN hb1317 SPRADLEY Repeal Proration Of Mobile Home Prop Tax
Status FN hb1318 GRAMPSAS Fund For UCHSC Move To Fitzsimons
Status FN hb1319 SALIMAN Termination Of Parent-child Relationship
Status FN hb1320 LEYBA Pay-At-The-Pump Auto Insurance
Status FN hb1321 G. BERRY Colorado Youth Mentoring Services
Status FN hb1322 MCPHERSON Air Pollution Emission Permits
Status FN hb1323 SWENSON Molders' Liens
Status FN hb1324 ANDERSON Solid Waste Management Program Improves
Status FN hb1325 OWEN Implement Children's Basic Health Plan
Status FN hb1326 GRAMPSAS Add To Municipal Ltd Gaming Impact Fund
Status FN hb1327 PFIFFNER Allow For-profit Car Pools And Van Pools
Status FN hb1328 GORDON Access To Tobacco For Sale
Status FN hb1329 SCHAUER Gov't Efficiency & Fiscal Policies
Status FN hb1330 KAUFMAN Railroad Property Offenses
Status FN hb1331 GEORGE Allowance Of State Overexpenditures
Status FN hb1332 SULLIVANT Parking For Disabled Veterans
Status FN hb1333 MAY Administration Of Fuel Tax
Status FN hb1334 HAGEDORN Persistent Drinking Drivers
Status FN hb1335 GRAMPSAS Fixed Guideway Authority
Status FN hb1336 PASCHALL Excess St Revenues For Football Stadium
Status FN hb1337 KAUFMAN Common Interest Ownership Act Changes
Status FN hb1338 LAWRENCE Auto Insurance Consumer Protections
Status FN hb1339 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Agriculture
Status FN hb1340 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Corrections
Status FN hb1341 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Education
Status FN hb1342 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Health Care Policy
Status FN hb1343 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Higher Ed
Status FN hb1344 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Human Services
Status FN hb1345 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Judicial Dept
Status FN hb1346 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Labor & Employment
Status FN hb1347 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Law
Status FN hb1348 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Local Affairs
Status FN hb1349 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Military Affairs
Status FN hb1350 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Natural Resources
Status FN hb1351 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Personnel
Status FN hb1352 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Pub Hea & Environ
Status FN hb1353 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Public Safety
Status FN hb1354 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Reg Agencies
Status FN hb1355 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Revenue
Status FN hb1356 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Dept Of Transportation
Status FN hb1357 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Treasury Dept
Status FN hb1358 GRAMPSAS Suppl Approp Capital Construction
Status FN hb1359 DEAN Election Law Modifications
Status FN hb1360 OWEN Statutory Authority For Ryan White Act
Status FN hb1361 GRAMPSAS Retired Judges' Pay In Judicial Budget
Status FN hb1362 ROMERO State Fair Procurement Code Exemption
Status FN hb1363 TAYLOR Soc Sec Number For Voter Registration
Status FN hb1364 OWEN Funding Of Supreme Court Library
Status FN hb1365 MUSGRAVE U.I. Denials For Drug And Alcohol Addict
Status FN hb1366 MUSGRAVE Abstinence Education
Status FN hb1367 G. BERRY Higher Education Governance
Status FN hb1368 ADKINS Scientific & Cultural Facilities Dists
Status FN hb1369 SALAZ Chiropractic License Examination
Status FN hb1370 HEFLEY District Boards Of Health
Status FN hb1371 SWENSON Dangerous Weapon Grounds For Expulsion
Status FN hb1372 SWENSON Certificate Of Review To Cover Employer
Status FN hb1373 HEFLEY Tax Credit For Language Training Expense
Status FN hb1374 TUCKER One Year Supervision After Sentence
Status FN hb1375 ANDERSON Transportation Planning Regions
Status FN hb1376 AGLER Protect Crime Victims From Civil Actions
Status FN hb1377 MORRISON Health Insurance Independent Review
Status FN hb1378 MCELHANY Intimidation Of Legislative Witnesses
Status FN hb1379 ANDERSON Approve Air Quality SIP Revisions
Status FN hb1380 GRAMPSAS Volunteer Firefighter Pension Benefits
Status FN hb1381 MCPHERSON Electric Industry Restructuring
Status FN hb1382 HEFLEY Drug Testing For Works Participants
Status FN hb1383 ROMERO Physician Discipline
Status FN hb1384 HEFLEY Parental Notification
Status FN hb1385 OWEN Catchment Areas For Juvenile Facilities
Status FN hb1386 KREUTZ Physician Carrier Contracts
Status FN hb1387 FAATZ Tobacco Sales To Minors
Status FN hb1388 KAUFMAN Access To Justice
Status FN hb1389 ADKINS Sunset Of Reports To GA In Titles 13-21
Status FN hb1390 KAUFMAN Authorizing Joint Zoning Boards
Status FN hb1391 S. JOHNSON Modification Of Health Plan Benefits
Status FN hb1392 REESER Bail Bonding Agents
Status FN hb1393 ALLEN Sunset Of Reports To GA In Title 22
Status FN hb1394 PANKEY Personal ID For State Benefits
Status FN hb1395 TAYLOR Acquire Towner Line For State Rail Bank
Status FN hb1396 ENTZ Special Hunting Licenses
Status FN hb1397 ENTZ Landowner Hunting License Preferences
Status FN hb1398 TOOL Reduce Deferred Prop Tax Interest Rate
Status FN hb1399 HEFLEY Colo. Youth Challenge Corps Program
Status FN hb1400 OWEN Restructure Natural Gas Industry
Status FN hb1401 GRAMPSAS Long Appropriations Bill
Status FN hb1402 GRAMPSAS Capital Construction Fund Transfers
Status FN hb1403 GEORGE Capital Development Comm Appointments
Status FN hb1404 MCPHERSON Utility Services At Fitzsimons
Status FN hb1405 SALAZ Prohibit Slamming'
Status FN hb1406 ADKINS Welfare Of Children
Status FN hb1407 SALAZ Repeal Prison Inmate Art Funding
Status FN hb1408 ENTZ Agricultural Production Substances
Status FN hb1409 S. JOHNSON Wildlife Mgmt Public Education
Status FN hb1410 TAYLOR Funding For Tourism Promotion
Status FN hb1411 MCELHANY Olympic Committee Special Plates
Status FN hb1412 GEORGE Excess Revenues Refund Mechanism
Status FN hb1413 ROMERO Restrictions On Economic Incentives
Status FN hb1414 GRAMPSAS State TABOR Financial Statements
Status FN hb1415 SCHAUER Protect From Unconscionable Trade Acts
Status FN hb1416 MAY State Coordination For Multi-use Network
Status FN hb1417 PASCHALL Refund Excess State Revenues
Status FN hb1418 ANDERSON Environmental Self-evaluation
Status FN hb1419 PFIFFNER Governmental Efficiency  

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