Senate Bills For 1997

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1997 House Bills    1997 House Resolutions and Memorials

1997 Senate Resolutions and Memorials

Bill Number Prime Sponsor Bill Title
SB 001 Ray Powers Vehicle Sales & Use Tax Proceeds
SB 002 Terry Phillips Land Reform Act Changes
SB 003 Ken Arnold Payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes & Fees
SB 004 Bill Schroeder Small Business Procurement Contracts
SB 005 Sally Hopper Medicaid Managed Care
SB 006 James Rizzuto Restructuring of Human Services Delivery
SB 007 Frank Weddig Colo Payback - Limit on Claims Under $100
SB 008 Tilman Bishop CWCB Construction Fund
SB 009 Gloria Tanner Jury Duty Mileage Reimbursement
SB 010 Dottie Wham Compensation of Elected Cnty Officers
SB 011 Gigi Dennis Women in The Military Memorial
SB 012 Frank Weddig Forcible Entry & Detainer
SB 013 Pat Pascoe Compulsory School Attendance
SB 014 Richard Mutzebaugh Creditor Agreement to Debt Schedule
SB 015 Gigi Dennis Higher Ed Governing Board Funds
SB 016 Ray Powers Nonprofit Activities by State Entities
SB 017 Ben Alexander Waiver Requests by Local School Boards
SB 018 Jim Congrove Charter School Revisions
SB 019 Charles Duke Education in U.S. History
SB 020 Tom Blickensderfer Employee Leasing Companies
SB 021 Ray Powers County Retirement Systems - Investments
SB 022 Doug Linkhart School to Work Tax Credit
SB 023 Ken Arnold Reduction of State Income Tax
SB 024 MaryAnne Tebedo Opticians' Use of Certain Terms
SB 025 Stan Matsunaka State Auditor Performance/program Audits
SB 026 Mike Coffman Prop Tax - Residential Assessment Ratio
SB 027 MaryAnne Tebedo Local Government Limited Gaming Impacts
SB 028 Jeffrey M. Wells Student Fees
SB 029 Don Ament National Academic Contest Trips
SB 030 Dave Wattenberg New District Within Existing Special District
SB 031 Peggy Reeves Recall Elections
SB 032 Bill Thiebaut College Tuition Waivers And Grants
SB 033 Elsie Lacy Underage Liquor Sting Operations
SB 034 Ed Perlmutter Victim's Rights in Homicide Cases
SB 035 Robert Hernandez Collector's Item Vehicle Registration
SB 036 Richard Mutzebaugh Service of Process - Traffic Offenses
SB 037 Richard Mutzebaugh Railroad Abandonment
SB 038 Dorothy Rupert Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
SB 039 Joan Johnson Ag Property For Property Tax Purposes
SB 040 Ken Chlouber Access to Alcoholic Beverage Reports
SB 041 Sally Hopper Continue Uninsurable Health Plan
SB 042 James Rizzuto Nursing Facility Rate Setting Method
SB 043 Robert Hernandez Best Interests of Children
SB 044 Bill Thiebaut Higher Ed Enterprises
SB 045 Ben Alexander Tuition Program - Income Tax Exemption
SB 046 Frank Weddig Nonmetered Electric Lighting Facilities
SB 047 Tom Norton Property Rights
SB 048 Ken Chlouber Arkansas River Recreation
SB 049 Dave Wattenberg Agricultural Leases on Trust Land
SB 050 Mike Coffman Juvenile Boot Camp
SB 051 Elsie Lacy Loan Extension to State Fair Auth
SB 052 Dave Wattenberg Implement Amendment 14 - Trapping
SB 053 Tom Blickensderfer Alternative Dispute Resolution Referrals
SB 054 Mike Coffman Implement Fed Health Ins Reforms
SB 055 Elsie Lacy Sales Tax - RTD
SB 056 Ben Alexander Original Deeds of Trust as Evidence
SB 057 Peggy Reeves Eligible Collateral For Public Deposits
SB 058 Ray Powers Concrete Trucks Max. Hours of Service
SB 059 Ben Alexander Local Public Body CEO Hiring Procedures
SB 060 Michael F. Feeley One-stop Career Centers
SB 061 Stan Matsunaka Phase-in of Insurance Regs
SB 062 Stan Matsunaka Performance-based Budgeting
SB 063 Stan Matsunaka Residential Warranty of Habitability
SB 064 MaryAnne Tebedo Medical Fees Under No-fault Auto Ins.
SB 065 Richard Mutzebaugh Prohib of Local Sales & Use Tax on Food
SB 066 Gigi Dennis Safety of Emergency Personnel
SB 067 Richard Mutzebaugh Requirements For Legal Newspapers
SB 068 Gloria Tanner Child Care Providers Income Tax Credits
SB 069 Bill Schroeder Precinct Locators - Local Tax Collections
SB 070 Joan Johnson Swine Confined Feeding Facilities
SB 071 Sally Hopper Expediting Dependency And Neglect Cases
SB 072 Peggy Reeves Domestic Abuse Insurance Discrimination
SB 073 Ed Perlmutter Access to Justice in Dom. Abuse Case
SB 074 Joan Johnson Party Candidate Nominating Procedures
SB 075 Doug Linkhart Medicaid Eligibility
SB 076 Bill Schroeder Coins And Precious Metal Bullion - Sales Tax
SB 077 Don Ament Points For Speeding Without Accident
SB 078 Robert Hernandez Use of The Highways
SB 079 Elsie Lacy Timely Payments to Improve Real Property
SB 080 Gloria Tanner State Employees - Whistleblowing
SB 081 Jeffrey M. Wells Division of PERA Upon Agreement in Dom
SB 082 Dottie Wham School Entry Immunization
SB 083 Dottie Wham Relinquishment And Adoption
SB 084 Sally Hopper Victims of Crime
SB 085 Dorothy Rupert Female Genital Mutilation
SB 086 Bill Thiebaut Facilitating Constituent Communications
SB 087 Bill Thiebaut Campaign Finance
SB 088 Jim Congrove Insure The Driver Auto Policies
SB 089 Ray Powers Registration of Collectors Items
SB 090 Terry Phillips Real Estate Appraisers
SB 091 Doug Linkhart Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corp. Act
SB 092 Don Ament Sales & Use Tax - Livestock - Defined
SB 093 Tom Norton Economic Dev Commission & Advisory Bd
SB 094 Charles Duke Special Dist Debt Disclosure
SB 095 Terry Phillips Arbitration on Auto Insurance
SB 096 Ken Chlouber Concealed Handgun Permits
SB 097 Michael F. Feeley Welfare Reform
SB 098 Pat Pascoe Restrictions on Tobacco Use by Minors
SB 099 Pat Pascoe Reporting of Weapons-related Injuries
SB 100 Dorothy Rupert Hate Crimes
SB 101 James Rizzuto Medicaid Reimbursement For Schools
SB 102 Tilman Bishop Colorado Municipal Bond Supervision Board
SB 103 Bob Martinez Loss Ratio Std - Credit Ins
SB 104 Stan Matsunaka Market Conduct Exam - Div of Ins
SB 105 Gloria Tanner Credit History - Underwriting Criterion
SB 106 Robert Hernandez Denial of Homeowner's Ins
SB 107 Stan Matsunaka Office of Reg. Reform Termination
SB 108 Robert Hernandez Division of Ins
SB 109 Bill Schroeder Filing Info - Division of Ins
SB 110 Dorothy Rupert State Med Assist Services Adv Council
SB 111 Doug Linkhart Nursing Facilities - State Sanctions
SB 112 Jim Congrove Central Fund For State & Vets Nurs Homes
SB 113 Tom Norton Forum on Intergovernmental Relations
SB 114 Jeffrey M. Wells Child Support Obligations
SB 115 Richard Mutzebaugh Amend Uniform Family Support Act
SB 116 Stan Matsunaka Funding For Welfare Reform
SB 117 Jim Congrove Disabled Veterans Free Entrance to Parks
SB 118 Dottie Wham Horse Brand Inspection Fees
SB 119 Don Ament State Contracts For Indust Hygiene Serv
SB 120 Mike Coffman Welfare Reform
SB 121 Ben Alexander Oil & Gas Commission Powers
SB 122 Bill Schroeder Renovation of State Office Buildings
SB 123 Gloria Tanner Tax Credit For Econ Self-sufficiency Svc
SB 124 Sally Hopper Valuation of Gaming District Property
SB 125 Ben Alexander Public School Student Fees
SB 126 Tilman Bishop BOCES Membership
SB 127 James Rizzuto Small Group Health Insurance
SB 128 Charles Duke Warranties For Bituminous Paving
SB 129 Gloria Tanner Mammography - Patient Rights
SB 130 Elsie Lacy Narrow Therapeutic Index Drugs
SB 131 Elsie Lacy Sales Tax Exem For Res Energy Clarified
SB 132 Peggy Reeves 9-1-1 Surcharges
SB 133 Joan Johnson Consumer Credit Reporting Protection
SB 134 Terry Phillips Requirements For Prescriptions
SB 135 Ken Arnold Abandoned Motor Vehicles
SB 136 Tom Blickensderfer Lead Hazard Reduction
SB 137 Bob Martinez Child Care Programs For Public Schools
SB 138 Robert Hernandez Appvl For Spec Dist Boundary Alterations
SB 139 Tom Norton Workers' Comp PPD Benefits
SB 140 Tom Norton Workers' Comp Mental Stress
SB 141 Dottie Wham Independent Living Services
SB 142 Richard Mutzebaugh Valuation For Property Tax Purposes
SB 143 Bill Schroeder Telecom Equalize Business Conditions
SB 144 Dottie Wham County Judge Compensation
SB 145 Tilman Bishop Fair Campaign Practices Act
SB 146 Bill Thiebaut Air Service in Colorado
SB 147 Doug Linkhart Disability Work Incentive Program
SB 148 Bill Thiebaut Food Donation to Nonprofit Orgs
SB 149 Dave Wattenberg Study Restructuring Electric Industry
SB 150 Mike Coffman State Treasury Changes
SB 151 Don Ament Fish And Wildlife Resources Account
SB 152 Dave Wattenberg Grandparent Visitation Time
SB 153 Jeffrey M. Wells Regulating School Activities
SB 154 Joan Johnson Regulation of Radioactive Material
SB 155 Bill Schroeder Financing Statements
SB 156 Terry Phillips Common Interest Ownership Act
SB 157 Ed Perlmutter Health Care Incident Reporting
SB 158 Frank Weddig Testimonial Privilege For Ombudsmen
SB 159 Frank Weddig Auto Insurance Immobilization
SB 160 James Rizzuto Human Services Programs
SB 161 Pat Pascoe Legal Domestic Partnerships
SB 162 Ken Arnold Criminal Discovery
SB 163 Michael F. Feeley Electric Energy
SB 164 Peggy Reeves Public Notice - Professional Services
SB 165 Doug Linkhart School Child Care Facility Grants
SB 166 Ken Chlouber Volunteer Firefighter Benefits
SB 167 Robert Hernandez Study of Hybrid Animals
SB 168 Tom Blickensderfer Teacher Termination
SB 169 Pat Pascoe Background Checks For Adult Caretakers
SB 170 Dorothy Rupert Welfare Reform
SB 171 Ed Perlmutter Immigrants
SB 172 Dorothy Rupert Nonviolent Mandatory Minimum Sentences
SB 173 Tilman Bishop Retired CPA Certificate Status
SB 174 Elsie Lacy Consolidated Child Care
SB 175 Michael F. Feeley Colorado Institute of Telecommunications
SB 176 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Agriculture
SB 177 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Corrections
SB 178 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Education
SB 179 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Governor
SB 180 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Hcpf
SB 181 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Higher ed
SB 182 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Human Services
SB 183 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Judicial
SB 184 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Labor
SB 185 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Law
SB 186 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Legislature
SB 187 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Local Affairs
SB 188 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Military Affairs
SB 189 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Natural Resources
SB 190 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Personnel
SB 191 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Public Hlth
SB 192 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Public Safety
SB 193 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Regulatory Agencies
SB 194 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Revenue
SB 195 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to State
SB 196 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Transportation
SB 197 Elsie Lacy Supplemental Appropriation to Treasury
SB 198 Jim Congrove Full Use Dealer Plates
SB 199 Tilman Bishop Mine Operators' Self-bond Option
SB 200 Ken Chlouber Parole Board
SB 201 Richard Mutzebaugh State Elected Officials Salaries
SB 202 Michael F. Feeley Early Childhood Care
SB 203 Tom Norton AQC Commission
SB 204 Tom Norton Revolving Fund - Ballot Booklet Mailing
SB 205 Tom Norton Air Visibility Goals
SB 206 Tilman Bishop Management of State Lands
SB 207 Tom Blickensderfer Workers' Compensation Act of Colorado
SB 208 Dave Wattenberg Preventive Dental Health Programs
SB 209 Ben Alexander Higher Ed Employee Benefit Coverage
SB 210 Mike Coffman Reasonable County Building Fees
SB 211 Tilman Bishop Resident Low-Income Senior Fishing License
SB 212 Dave Wattenberg Repeal & Reenact of Sheriff Quals
SB 213 Ben Alexander Indemnification of Public Trustees
SB 214 Joan Johnson Regulation of Games of Chance
SB 215 Elsie Lacy 1997-98 State Budget Bill
SB 216 Tom Blickensderfer Repeal of Unneeded Provisions
SB 217 Gigi Dennis County Sales Tax For Health Services
SB 218 Jim Rizzuto Children Services
SB 219 Dick Mutzebaugh Air Studies Require Statutory Approval
SB 220 Dave Wattenberg Continue Reporting Requirements
SB 221 MaryAnne Tebedo Continue Reporting Requirements
SB 222 Tom Blickensderfer Excise Tax on License & Reg Fees
SB 223 Dick Mutzebaugh Ballot Issue Elections
SB 224 Gigi Deniis Policies of Income Sensitive Motor Vehicle Ins
SB 225 Elsie Lacy Repayment of State Fair Authority Loan
SB 226 Bill Schroeder Telemarketing on Behalf of Sellers
SB 227 Don Ament Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility
SB 228 Jim Rizzuto Dept of State Moneys
SB 229 Dick Mutzebaugh PERA-Matching Employer Contributions
SB 230 Mike Coffman Renovations of Mile High Stadium
SB 231 MaryAnne Tebedo Family Child Care Homes
SB 232 Michael Feeley Council for Persons With Disabilities
SB 233 Dick Mutzebaugh Business Entities
SB 234 Dottie Wham State Capitol Building Renovation
SB 235 Dave Wattenberg Use of Snowmobiles & Off-Highway Vehicles
SB 236 Tom Norton Legislative Council State Implementation Plan (SIP) Review
SB 237 Jeff Wells Documents Prepared for Elected Officials
SB 238 Elsie Lacy Narrow Therapeutic Index Drugs

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