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BY SENATORS Wells, Norton, and Feeley.

That the following named persons be appointed as officers and employees of the Senate of the Sixty-first General Assembly convened in First Regular Session, to the positions set opposite their respective names:

Secretary of the Senate Joan M. Albi

Assistant Secretary/Journal Clerk Patricia K. Dicks

Calendar Clerk Bonnie S. Streeter

Front Desk Clerk Mary E. Marchun

Reading Clerk Brett Johnson

Amendment Clerk Julie Hoerner

Finance Clerk Ingrid H. Willis

Chief Sergeant­at­Arms Benjamin Caywood

Assistant Sergeant­at­Arms George D. Hedricks

Assistant Sergeant­at­Arms Dean E. Williams

Assistant Sergeant­at­Arms Garcy E. Vasquez

Assistant Sergeant­at­Arms John Helper

Chief Enrolling Clerk Doris R. Rowland

Asst. Enrolling Clerk. Shirley S. Fowler

Information Clerk Joseph Cipolla

Bill Clerk Jennifer Rivas

Secretary to the President Georgette A. Aberle

Secretary to Majority Leader Mickey Pearce

Secretary to Minority Leader Danielle Radovich

Majority Media Relations Steven Roalstad

Majority Media Relations Christine R. Staberg

Minority Media Relations Tanya A. Kelly

Minority Administrative Assistant Mark Soltes

Chief Legislative Secretary Miriam Frey

Chief Legislative Secretary Martina McCray

Legislative Secretary Diane Maywhort

Legislative Secretary Gerald D. Garland

Legislative Secretary Ginny Knott

Telephone Receptionist Elizabeth Kelley

Telephone Receptionist Donna Cooley

Receptionist President's Office Laurie Cole

Assignable Clerk Royda Kimball

Assignable Clerk Michael Fortinberry

Assignable Clerk David Votava

Visitors' Aide Martha Groebe

Visitors' Aide Christopher Rouse

_________________________ _________________________

Tom Norton Joan M. Albi