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BY SENATORS Wells, Norton, and Feeley.

Be It Resolved by the Senate of the Sixty-first General Assembly of the State of Colorado:

That the committees of the Senate and the number and membership of each thereof to serve during the Sixty-first General Assembly shall be as follows:

AGRICULTURE, NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENERGY - 7 members - Senators Ament, Chairman; Bishop, Vice-Chairman; Dennis, Hernandez, Johnson, Phillips, and Wattenberg.

APPROPRIATIONS - 10 members - Senators Lacy, Chairman; Blickensderfer, Vice-Chairman; Bishop, Johnson, Mutzebaugh, Rizzuto, Schroeder, Tanner, Thiebaut, and Wham.

BUSINESS AFFAIRS AND LABOR - 9 members - Senators Wattenberg, Chairman; Schroeder, Vice-Chairman; Alexander, Bishop, Chlouber, Hernandez, Martinez, Matsunaka, and Tanner.

EDUCATION - 7 members - Senators Alexander, Chairman; Arnold, Vice-Chairman; Chlouber, Duke, Matsunaka, Pascoe, and Thiebaut.

FINANCE - 7 members - Senators Coffman, Chairman; Chlouber, Vice-Chairman; Alexander, Pascoe, Phillips, Schroeder, and Tanner.

HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, WELFARE AND INSTITUTIONS - 7 members - Senators Hopper, Chairman; Congrove, Vice-Chairman; Coffman, Linkhart, Reeves, Rupert, and Wham.

JOINT BUDGET - 3 Senate members - Senators Lacy, Chairman; Blickensderfer, and Rizzuto.

JUDICIARY - 8 members - Senators Wham, Chairman; Mutzebaugh, Vice-Chairman; Arnold, Dennis, Hopper, Perlmutter, Rupert, and Thiebaut.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT - 7 members - Senators Dennis, Chairman; Arnold, Vice-Chairman; Congrove, Reeves, Rupert, Tebedo, and Weddig.

STATE, VETERANS, AND MILITARY AFFAIRS - 9 members - Senators Tebedo, Chairman; Duke, Vice-Chairman; Coffman, Congrove, Johnson, Pascoe, Phillips, Powers, and Weddig.

TRANSPORTATION - 7 members - Senators Mutzebaugh, Chairman; Powers, Vice-Chairman; Ament, Duke, Linkhart, Perlmutter, and Thiebaut.

SENATE SERVICES - 3 members - Senators Norton, Chairman; Wells, Vice-Chairman; and Feeley.

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Tom Norton Joan M. Albi