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First Regular Session

Sixty-first General Assembly

LLS NO. R97@0085.01 RLH





WHEREAS, Athletes from five continents and 197 countries participated in the Olympic games; and

WHEREAS, Nineteen of the athletes who participated in the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, Georgia, were from Colorado; and

WHEREAS, Colorado's athletes competed in many diverse sports, including judo, fencing, track and field, team handball, cycling, tennis, wrestling, badminton, rowing, shooting, swimming, and canoeing and kayaking; and

WHEREAS, The Colorado Olympians earned the high honor of wearing the stars and stripes to represent the United States in the 100th Olympic games, the most esteemed athletic event in the world; and

WHEREAS, Five members of the Colorado delegation placed fourth or higher in their competitions; and

WHEREAS, All of the Colorado Olympians showed the true courage, strength, endurance, and heroic determination of champions; and

WHEREAS, The Colorado Olympians have been an inspiration to the people of this state as they exemplified the Olympic spirit with their hard work, training, and unwavering optimism, overcoming many obstacles in order to compete; and

WHEREAS, The Colorado Olympians embody the Olympic motto: "Swifter, higher, stronger"; now, therefore,

Be It Resolved by the Senate of the Sixty-first General Assembly of the State of Colorado, the House of Representatives concurring herein:

That we, the Colorado General Assembly, congratulate the Colorado members of the United States Olympic team: Corinna Broz, judo, from Colorado Springs; Elaine Cheris, fencing, from Denver; Andrzej Chylinski, track and field, from Colorado Springs; Laura Coenen, team handball, from Peyton; Alison Dunlap, cycling, from Denver; Gigi Fernandez, tennis, from Aspen; Robert Foth, rifle, from Colorado Springs; Matt Ghaffari, wrestling, from Colorado Springs; Kevin Han, badminton, from Colorado Springs; Anne Kakela, rowing, from Steamboat Springs; Mujaahid Maynard, wrestling, from Colorado Springs; Brian Olson, judo, from Colorado Springs; John Oppio, double trap, from Colorado Springs; Colleen Rosensteel, judo, from Colorado Springs; Rebecca Snyder, shooting, from Colorado Springs; Cliff Sunada, judo, from Colorado Springs; Amy Van Dyken, swimming, from Englewood; Anthony Washington, track and field, from Aurora; and Rich Weiss, canoeing and kayaking, from Steamboat Springs.

Be It Further Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be sent to each member of the Colorado delegation to the 1996 Olympics and to the United States Olympic Committee.